Who’s saying what on TWEET STREET…

Paul Healy’s take on top tweets!


Robbie Kenny

Heard Charlie Carthy is charging €600 for private free kick sessions

– Okay, this tweet is over a week old, but we liked it…(note from legal advisors: Oran hero Charlie’s NOT charging €600 for private free kick sessions!)


Fiona Kenny

Micheál Martin calling Alan Kelly “the far left” this morning. What next? Calling the Healy Raes Antifa?

– Surely not?


Eric Garcia

#PresidentialDebate if that’s how trump acts on national television imagine him behind closed doors

– Reaction to THAT debate


Gavan Reilly

Jerry Springer, except everyone’s wearing suits. #PresidentialDebate2020

– Pretty fair comment!


Jill Filipovic

Men are too emotional to be president

– Ouch! (Upsetting, actually!)


Ciara | Ciaraíoch 

Deep respect for the consistency of my father who, despite having it live-streamed into his own sitting room every Sunday, still manages to be late for mass.

– We presume he doesn’t have to put up with ‘lads’ chatting down the back!


Tommy Conlon

Ffs. Mary McAleese still banging on about the Church, like anyone cares anymore

– The Leitrim man who toiled in the journalistic fields in Roscommon once upon a time fires off a slightly provocative tweet about the one-time President who now lives in Roscommon!


Andrew Harris

Morning…just in case you needed reminding, Boris Johnson and his horrific horde of hooray Henrys are heaving the country down a hopeless hole of horrors

– Meanwhile, back in the troubled UK, Labour appear to have bagged another vote



Only Manchester United can get a penalty when the game isn’t even being played anymore #BHAMUN BRIGHTON

– Thanks to VAR, Manchester United were awarded a penalty a few minutes AFTER full-time in their game against Brighton…talk about Fergie time!!