So, What do you think of Halloween?


Bernie Naughton

Publican (PJ’s, Castlecoote)


I love Halloween as I enjoy the atmosphere and the ambience in PJ’s Bar. I enjoy a lot of things about it although it may be getting a bit ‘Americanised’ with the amount of money being spent!

  We had a Halloween party in the bar last weekend. We had music, and also gave out a hamper. It was a great night. We decorate the  pub for Halloween…lighting, witches, suitable decorations about the place!

  I like Halloween and it’s nice to see it being celebrated. Local children call to the house looking for sweets, which is a nice tradition.


James Hoban

(Member of Roscommon Solstice Choir, community activist)


I would have to say that Halloween is a bit overrated! The children trick-or-treating is fine but Halloween seems to have gone out of proportions now. It is very interesting because there wasn’t half the dressing up in the past and people seemed to enjoy it just as much. It’s gone very expensive (for families) nowadays.

  There wouldn’t be any particular Halloween traditions in our house. Of course we stock up on food for the children who call trick-or-treating. The family are grown up now and it meant more in the past when we were younger. It is just an ordinary night for us now!


Noel McTiernan

(Owner, Sasta Fitness in Roscommon, and community activist)


I enjoy Halloween. I like the traditions that come with it – for example the children trick-or-treating. Also the fact that we remember those who have passed away. I wouldn’t celebrate it now, to be honest. We do stick up a few decorations just to catch the eye.

  We would have a tradition in our house of playing some Halloween games such as dunking for apples. We would still do the odd game, just something small with the family. Halloween is worth celebrating and there are plenty of traditions that are still going to this day.