Roscommon man appears in $200m Chinese blockbuster!

A Roscommon town native makes an appearance in a new $200 million movie based on the Battle of the Chosun Reservoir during the Korean War.

‘The Battle of Lake Changjin’ is Government funded and was released internationally last weekend. It is the most expensive film China has ever made and tells the story of a group of Chinese army reservists taking on the might of the US Army.

37-year-old Jason Croghan, a son of Pat and Jo Croghan from Celtic Avenue, who now lives in the city of Hangzhou with his wife Hui and appears as an extra in the movie, says the project faced lengthy delays due to Covid-19.

“Filming was delayed back in January for a few weeks due to a Covid outbreak about 300km away from the set. The Chinese Government are strict in enforcing lockdowns so there was a bit of an anxious wait.

“It was the biggest movie release in the world last weekend and it was directed by Dante Lam. The filming involved gruelling schedules where you could start at 8 pm and finish at 8 am for some scenes. You’d then find out at 1 pm that you were back working at 3 pm,” Jason said.

The software developer, who has been in China for over three years, wasn’t slow in proclaiming his Roscommon roots to award winning director Dante Lam.

“During a scene where I was supposed to die, he was inspecting the ground around where I had to fall and found some nails. While we waited for someone to clear the area, he asked me where I was from so I told him. He smiled and told me he was from Hong Kong, and me being a bit starstruck blurted out ‘Yeah I know, you’re kind of famous!’”

With one international blockbuster already under his belt, Jason is now busy working on the sequel. ‘Water Gate Bridge’ sees the return of most of the stars from ‘The Battle of Lake Changjin’ and is expected to be released some time in 2022.