Quintuplet lambs welcomed!


Dan Dooner


The Egan family in Taughmaconnell were given a shock recently when one of their ewes gave birth to quintuplet lambs on the farm.

Martina Egan, who runs the farm alongside her parents John-Joe and Mary, said the five arrivals were a huge surprise.

“I Googled it after and it said it was a one in a million chance because the ewe will usually either lose them before or after the birth. We hadn’t got her scanned so it was a woeful shock for us!

“This ewe does her own thing and always lambs around this time of year. She has had triplets every other time so she’s definitely a keeper!”

Martina added that both mother and lambs are doing fine and the quintuplets have grown since these pictures were taken.

“She is raising two of the lambs and we are raising the other three. There’s just a gate in between them so she knows which ones are hers,” she said.