Minister must intervene in Glas payments debacle – Brady

IFA Rural Development Chairman Joe Brady has called on the Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed to intervene and resolve the “debacle” which has left up to 10,000 farmers without a GLAS payment. He said many of these farmers joined the scheme as far back as May 2015. Some have yet to receive a payment.

  Joe Brady said: “The delays in GLAS and AEOS payments have caused a lot of concern on farms and has seriously affected cash-flow difficulties on farms. Minister Creed was left in no doubt at the IFA AGM as to the gravity of the situation and IFA now expect him to act.”

  €97m was paid out at the end of December last, which represented 85% of the payment to 27,363 GLAS I and II farmers. It would appear that very few payments were made this week, despite commitments given that more would be made.

  IFA estimates that a further €35m is now due as well as GLAS+ payments worth €3.6m. The remaining 15% payment will be paid from the end of February onwards when on-farm inspections have been completed by the Department of Agriculture on selected farms.

  In relation to AEOS, Joe Brady pointed out that around 4,000 farmers are still due a payment, which for many is their last payment in the scheme, as many AEOS farmers have now moved to GLAS.