McStay takes 12-week ban on the chin




The CCCC (Central, Competitions, Control Committee) in Croke Park, who preside over disciplinary matters in the GAA, have proposed that the Roscommon team manager Kevin McStay be given a 12-week suspension for incidents just before half-time in the All-Ireland qualifier against Donegal in Dr Hyde Park last Saturday.

  Speaking to Roscommon People on Tuesday, Kevin McStay said that he was accepting the 12-week suspension and that he deeply regretted his actions.

  “It’s something that should not have happened and I deeply regret what I did. I have apologised to the referee and I am in the process of arranging a personal apology to the linesman.

  “It was borne out of frustration and pressure on the day but they are not excuses for what happened and I think it would be a fair thing to say that it is not my usual form. I am in a position where I am telling my players to have a disciplined attitude so for me to do what I did was wrong and out of order. It’s something that won’t happen again.

  “Hitting the linesman on the head when I threw the ball was a complete accident and was not meant to happen at all. Someone said to me that it was half-time and I just threw the ball without looking. I very much regret that too obviously.

  “I have to find out what the suspension means with regard to my own involvement with the team and that will be clarified in the next day or two.

  “Ger (Dowd) and Liam (McHale) will look after the sideline duties and we are preparing for the game against Dublin. There is training this week on Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday and Thursday next week. We have to prepare properly to play against the best team in the land and give the fixture full respect.

  “When that game is over we will be sitting down and reviewing the whole year and that applies to management as well as the players. We will go through everything and come up with a plan for next year. But right now the game against Dublin is the main priority,” he concluded.

  Roscommon, who can’t qualify for the semi-finals following defeat to Donegal, will be without their manager for their final Super 8 match against Dublin in Croke Park on Sunday week.