Mart Report 21st August

Roscommon Mart Report

FRIDAY, AUGUST 14th: There was a very large entry of excellent quality cattle on offer at last Friday’s sale with numbers well up in comparison to the same sale last year.

There was a brisk trade for bullocks with a very high percentage of lots sold. The trade for heifers was a little easier with plainer lots more difficult to sell. There was an improved trade for dry cows.

There was a good attendance of customers and agents including agents for the UK. New booking arrangements – please note bookings for all special sales will be accepted up to 5 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays the week prior to the sale.

The Draw for the pens will take place on Thursday at 5 pm.

Draw system for starting pen on sale days: The draw for the starting pen will be made at 10.45 am on Fridays and 4.45 pm on Tuesdays. The first number drawn will be the starting pen and a second draw will be made to determine whether the draw will go up or down.

Sales as usual for bullocks, heifers and dry cows each Friday at 11 am.

Autumn/Fall Sale of Heifers, Friday September 4th – bookings accepted by phone, email or by calling to the office up to 5 pm on Tuesday, August 25th, Wednesday, August 26th and Thursday, August 27th.

Next Weanling Sale on Tuesday August 25th at 5 pm.

Dry cows made from €900 to €1705 per head. Sample prices: Lim X 780 kgs €1705, Lim X 740 kgs €1625, BBX 750 kgs €1470, Char X 750 kgs €1400, BBX 710 kgs €1380, AAX 745 kgs €1305, Lim 615 kgs €1055, Lim X 570 kgs €920, Fr 530 kgs €900, SHX 630 kgs €1140.

Heifers made from €580 to €1235 over. Sample prices – Char X 620 kgs €1855, Char X 680 kgs €1850, 2 Char 730 kgs €1750, 6 Char 608 kgs €1660, Lim 540 kgs €1565, BBX 515 kgs €150, Char X 550 kgs €1545, Lim X 560 kgs €1520, Char X 520 kgs €1490, 2 Char X 465 kgs €1385, BBX 465 kgs €1400, Char X 430 kgs €1065, Lim X €1090, 2 Lim x 350 kgs €1000, Char X 385 kgs €1165.

Bullocks made from €560 to €1080 over. Sample Prices: BBX 930 kgs €1800, Char X 730 kgs €1750, Char X 605 kgs €1655, Lim X 700 kgs €1630, 3 Char X 563 kgs €1600, Char X 680 kgs 1590, Lim X 585 kgs €1525, Char X 550 kgs €1520, 3 Char X 558 kgs €1515, 3 Char X 546 kgs €1500, Char X 540 kgs €1495, Char X 385 kgs €1090, AAX 590 kgs €1410, AAX 590 kgs €1305, AAX 615 kgs €1545, BBX 570 kgs €1400, Simm X 530 kgs €1240, Simm X 500 kgs €1200, Simm X 640 kgs €1500, Lim X 360 kgs €975, Lim X 570 kgs €1500, 2 Char X 515 kgs €1450, Char X 475 kgs €1165, Lim X 495 kgs €1345.

BREEDING EWES, SATURDAY, AUGUST 15th: There were increased numbers of breeding sheep on offer at Saturday’s sale.

There was an improvement in the average price of hoggets with a top price of €214. The trade for breeding ewes were slightly back on last week, however a pen of 2-year-old ewes made €181.

Saturday sales continue weekly – gates open at 8 am. Sale commences at 11 am.

Hoggets ranged from €117 to €214 per head. 2-year-old ewes made from €141to €181 per head. 3-year-old ewes made from €115 to €140 per head.

SHEEP SALE, WEDNESDAY AUGUST 19th: There was a large entry of sheep on offer at this week’s sale. Average prices for lambs were improved this week.

There were good numbers of store lambs with prices slightly better than last week. There was an improved trade for cast ewes with a full clearance of lots.

Weekly sales for sheep continue on Wednesdays at 11 am.

Please note ewe lambs will be sold separately to wether/ram lambs.

Draw for starting pens. The draw for the starting pen will be held at 10.45 am. A second draw will take place to determine whether the draw will go up or down.

Dates for your diary: Breeding ewes weekly on Saturdays at 11 am. Gate opens at 8 am.

Show & Sale of Pedigree Texel Sheep on Saturday August 22nd, Show & Sale of Pedigree Vendeen Sheep on Saturday August 29th.

Castlerea Mart Report

At our most recent sale, there were 600 cattle on offer with trade similar to last week with prices maintained for the quality lots while bigger numbers of plainer stock featured a slip in prices.

Weanling numbers coming for sale have witnessed a strong trade especially for the top quality lots, while breeding stock and calves have reported a firm trade with prices holding similar to previous weeks.

Sample price BULLOCKS: Ch 465kgs €1285 Lim 485kgs €1310 Ch 510kgs €1300 Ch 575kgs €1480 AA 590kgs €1375 AA 735kgs €1630 Chx 655kgs €1570.

HEIFERS: Lim 395kgs €1135 Ch 420kgs €1100 AA 425kgs €1050 Lim 450kgs €1330 Ch 570kgs €1420 Lim 685kgs €1520.

DRY COWS: Ch 790kgs €1700 Lim 750kgs €1615 Ch 715kgs €1585 Lim 710kgs €1520. (Cows with calves at foot made from €1360 to €1750 per head. Springers made from €1000 to €1650 per head).

CALVES: Calves made from €170 to €700 for stronger continental-type calves.

WEANLING BULLS: Lim 265kgs €830 AAX 255kgs €780 Ch 390kgs €1190 BBX 320kgs €1100 Lim 300kgs €890.

WEANLING HEIFERS: Lim 280kgs €865 Lim 250kgs €780 Lim 305kgs €1000 AAX 320kgs €940 Ch 270kgs €860.

Sales continue at Castlerea Mart on Thursday next the 20th August with a sale of bullocks, heifers, cows, calves and weanlings. All sales commence at 11 am. Three rings in operation.