Local GP says ‘Third wave is the most infectious so far’

Dr. Tomás Donegan of The Medical Centre in Roscommon town has told the Roscommon People that the local practice is referring high numbers of people for Covid-19 tests and that the current wave of cases is the worst so far.

The GP also advises people not to assume that symptoms of what they believe to be the ‘usual’ sinus infection or head cold they get at this time of year are not Covid-related.

“This current wave is certainly worse than what we experienced in March,” he said. “We are referring more people for Covid-19 tests but the positivity rate for those referrals is also higher.

“This wave of Covid-19 seems to be more infectious also and with increased household transmission, more families are now coming down with symptoms whereas before it may have been just one or two members of a family.

“We have a lower threshold for symptoms now but we are finding that there is a high number of people assuming that it’s their ‘usual’ sinus infection or annual cold. It has to be pointed out that the symptoms of Covid-19 are not just those highlighted on the news and that many of these people are testing positive for the disease.

“I would urge people to contact their GP or family doctor if they have any doubts at all. Everyone should act as if they have Covid-19 and stay home. There are very few essential reasons for people to be leaving their homes but if they do they should follow all public health advice,” he said.

Dr. Donegan added that the roll-out of a vaccine would not instantly mitigate the threat of Covid-19.

“The roll-out of a vaccine is a glimmer of hope and it’s the first bit of good news we’ve had but it won’t suddenly get rid of Covid-19. Each one of us still needs to follow the public health advice and limit our contacts”.

Dr. Donegan said that he and his colleagues are anxiously waiting to be vaccinated and are hoping to hear positive news soon.