Great turnout for launch of Inglot range at Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacy…



The gala launch of the Inglot range at Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacy at Harrison Centre, Roscommon on Saturday afternoon was a very enjoyable and positive event.

  There was a huge turnout and a terrific atmosphere. iRadio were doing a live broadcast, top millner and fashion blogger Jennifer Wrynne was amongst the guests, and the professional masterclasses were being keenly observed, iPhones clicking relentlessly!

  Welcoming the public were proprietor Tina Geraghty, Store Manager Faye Reynolds, Graham Mulhearne (Head of Marketing with Molloys), Sarah Collins (Head of Operations), and Sheelagh O’Neill (Head of Retail).

  Proprietor Tina Geraghty and staff can be very proud of the new-look premises which is bright, beautiful and innovative in terms of the layout of this spacious landmark pharmacy.