Good news for Roscommon new car buyers at Burns Car Sales!

Burns Car Sales ŠKODA have good news for Roscommon motorists looking to purchase a new car for 2017. The dealership has announced fantastic offers now available across the ŠKODA range, which are definitely worth considering.

  As part of their Zero Reasons campaign, Burns Car Sales are offering zero percent finance on selected ŠKODA models. These models include Fabia, Rapid, Yeti and the favourite among Roscommon motorists – Octavia. Zero mileage, zero rattles, zero previous owners, zero squeaks along with 0% finance build up to zero reasons not to own a 2017 ŠKODA. Also giving you zero worries for the next couple of years.

  Great finance offers is not all that is available to new car shoppers, the brand are also giving you the chance to transform your old car into €4000 with ŠKODA Scrappage. All you need to do is trade in your old car for a 2017 ŠKODA. Simply Clever.

  Marketing manager, Eileen Conlon from Burns Car Sales said: “We’re delighted not only to be able to launch the 2017 ŠKODA Range but also to bring Roscommon motorists these fantastic two deals – 0% finance and €4000 scrappage. We’re looking forward to welcoming both new and familiar faces to the dealership over the next couple of weeks to test-drive the award-winning ŠKODA Range.”

  Burns Car Sales are urging Roscommon drivers in the market for a new car to ensure ŠKODA is on their list and to avail of the fantastic offers mentioned above.

  More information can be found online at or simply speak to their sales team: Anetha and Shane on 071 916 1500.