‘Flexibility in TAMS I deadlines needed to save lives’ – Naughten

 “The Agriculture Minister must provide some flexibility with the closing date for TAMS I as the deadline is completely unachievable”, claims Denis Naughten TD.

“In one specific instance, I have the case of a farmer who only received approval under TAMS I for a cover for a slurry tank in early August,” stated Denis Naughten.

  “While he has sourced an approved contractor, it will be impossible to have the cover manufactured, galvanise dipped and fitted by the end of the month.

  “This is only one of thousands of farm safety scheme applications which have been held up because of the tight timelines. It would be a huge disappointment if farm safety actions are not completed, while €12m remains unspent for this measure under TAMS I.

  “With so many tragedies and serious injuries on our farms, surely some flexibility needs to be found to ensure that these safety measures are completed?” stated Denis Naughten.