FIE to challenge updated Lough Funshinagh works 

Environmental group calls on Council CEO to resign

Environmental group, Friends of the Irish Environment (FIE) has called on Roscommon County Council CEO Eugene Cummins to resign and will this week bring a legal challenge against the local authority’s updated plans to drain water from Lough Funshinagh.

  FIE has described the latest plans to drain the turlough as a “profound breach of trust” and “without a valid legal basis” and said the local authority will face an order alleging contempt of court before the High Court this Friday.

  The environmental group, which says it has “repeatedly expressed its sympathies to those affected by flooding”, claimed the proposed works were in breach of European law, on the grounds that the project wasn’t subjected to the required environmental screening and assessment processes. 

  Part of a statement from the group reads: “The clear decision of the CEO of Roscommon County Council to proceed with works utilising infrastructure which had been required to be rendered inoperable by a High Court Order is an extraordinary step for a public official to take.  

  The group went on to describe Mr. Cummins’ position as “untenable” and called on him to resign. It said it was calling on the Office of the Planning Regulator to intervene in the matter. 

  Roscommon County Council has been contacted for comment. More to follow.