Fertiliser price rise

The price of fertilizer in April 2008 was 62.1 percent up on the figure for April 2007, according to figures released this week by the Central Statistics Office. On an annual comparison, the unadjusted agricultural output price index was 128.0 in April 2008, 16.3 percent higher than in April 2007. The unadjusted agricultural input price index was up 21.1 percent to 155.1 over the same period. Comparing April 2008 unadjusted indices with April 2007 shows that fertilisers, feeding stuffs, energy, seeds, veterinary expenses and plant protection products were up 62.1 percent, 20.3 percent, 13.7 percent, 10.7 percent, 2.4 percent and 1.5 percent respectively. However, IFA Inputs Project Team Leader James Kane said that some farmers are being panicked into paying higher prices for their inputs this season when it is clearly evident that very good deals are available for those who shop around. Mr. Kane said, ‘The trade has attempted to talk up the price of an array of items, most notably fertiliser, plastic, bale wrap and Roundup. In the case of Roundup and fertiliser, world prices have risen dramatically but this has not stopped a number of manufacturers, suppliers and merchants hoarding and sitting on stocks in anticipation of an ongoing price increase.’ ‘More recently, silage wrap and silage covers have been the targets, with the industry attempting to hike prices by a minimum of €10 per bale for wrap, claiming that supplies are tight. Once again farmers in the Northern half of the country have been able to achieve the better deals,’ he added.