Cuddys find ‘Golden Ticket’ to Fittest Family quarter-finals!

The Dolan/Cuddy family from County Roscommon stormed into the quarter-finals of hit RTÉ show ‘Ireland’s Fittest Family’ on Sunday last with a performance of real teamwork and poise.

Sunday’s episode saw the Cuddys, coached by four-time All-Ireland camogie winner Anna Geary, take on the ‘Sole Survivor’ challenge in the show’s ‘Forest’ setting.

21-year-old Emma Cuddy’s years of ballet lessons came to the fore as she balanced on one foot on a log suspended nine metres off the ground while the rest of the family carried 10kg sandbags through a circuit which included ‘up and under’ obstacles.

Emma managed to maintain her poise for an incredible seven minutes and 45 seconds, allowing mum Bernie, brother James, and sister Lisa to complete the challenge and secure the ‘Golden Ticket’ to the show’s quarter-finals as Heat winners.

Lisa was understandably proud of her little sister when speaking to the Roscommon People this week.

“Emma was just unreal…she was as cool as a breeze up there! The TV doesn’t do the balancing log justice because it’s actually a lot higher in real life,” Lisa said.

“We were lucky that ‘Sole Survivor’ was our first event because we had practiced it and were confident. There had been some debate between myself and Emma about who would go up on the log but I was a little more jittery about and a little faster on the ground”.

As Emma balanced on one leg among the tree tops, her family employed a ‘conveyor belt’ strategy on the ground below to ensure all 40 sandbags made it to their final destination.

“James is our tactician and we had a gameplan for that event but we didn’t know whether our ‘conveyor belt’ was allowed until that day. We didn’t even know about the ‘Golden Ticket’ so we thought we’d have to do a second event! Thankfully, it all went our way and we were delighted to make it through to the quarter-finals,” Lisa added.

The Dolan/Cuddys have been inundated with congratulatory messages and well wishes this week and Lisa says the family is grateful for all the support.

“I still haven’t scratched the surface of some of the messages I’ve received but it’s been so exciting and it’s great that people enjoyed it so much,” she said.

Roscommon viewers can tune into Ireland’s Fittest Family on Sunday, December 5th at 6.30 pm to find out how the Dolan/Cuddy family got in the quarter-finals.