Claddagh Optical – Our focus is on your eye health

Claddagh Optical are delighted to formally announce that they recently moved to a new premises at Ballypheasan House, Athlone Road, Roscommon.

John Weldon and Claddagh Optical have shown great commitment to eye care in this region over many years. John purchased the practice from the late Colm Hennigan about 20 years ago. Colm, who was so highly respected in the profession and in the wider community, had started his practice in 1969.

At Claddagh Optical, John and his staff have become established leaders in their field. Their beautiful new premises (at Athlone Road) is a very welcoming environment. Attentive, well trained and friendly staff put customers at ease and ensure their needs are met.

At Claddagh Optical, the ‘focus’ is on providing customers with the best quality service. Indeed the exceptional customer retention levels over the years is evidence of the quality of service provided, with consistent reliability, helpfulness and good communication features of what you can expect at Claddagh Optical.

Individual, patient and friendly attention is given to each customer when choosing spectacles. John and his team know that in today’s style-conscious society, spectacles are not just viewed as being an eye aid, they are also a fashion statement. This is why Claddagh Optical provides a wide range of frames, which stretch from “designer to budget”. They also feature new materials such as bio-titanflex top Sunspex MAUI JIM Maui Brilliant, which, according to John has “the lightest weight and the best clarity in the world. It’s also a brand that has cancer foundation approval for UV protection”.

Claddagh Optical also provide a wide variety of spectacle lenses, including UV Blue Filter for computer-related eyestrain, something which is very common for those who stare at screens for long periods. They are also contact lens specialists, providing lenses for “adults and children, including daily disposables for single vision, multifocal and astigmatism”. And, if you’re fed up with your mask steaming up your lenses, Claddagh Optical can help with their extended wear Keratoconic fitting technology.

Customers are treated with respect and dignity. All Covid-related guidelines are meticulously adhered to, with social distancing, sanitising, face coverings, etc. ensuring that safety is paramount. There is a huge emphasis on sanitising of equipment, frames, etc.

At Claddagh Optical, they understand how important it is to place the client first. As John says: “We always thank the customer for their patronage; we always treat everyone with the respect and the dignity they so richly deserve. We offer assistance to patients to complete forms to arrange a free examination when needed, and where they are eligible under PRSI and GMS schemes”.

Claddagh Optical uses the very latest and best equipment, including OCT – ocular coherence tomography – and the highest clinical standards apply. A fully digital eye examination is provided. OCT retinal scanning will identify any abnormalities, with images being directly shared with hospital consultants (by secure email). Onsite digital spectacle glazing is provided, with same-day service.

John is very optimistic for future developments in shared care schemes which he he says will deliver better eyecare when delivered with efficiency locally.

He says: “A collaborative inter-disciplinary working between optometrists and hospital consultants has been proven to deliver better sight-saving services, and has massively reduced waiting lists, which will save precious financial resources for the health service”.

General eye care and the eye health of the people Roscommon and the region is in very good hands with the team at Claddagh Optical.