Barstool Boyos – 5th of November

Did you see that eccentric crowd running around the house on Friday night?

Wow! Did you see that eccentric crowd running around the house on Friday night?

Was it a late Dáil sitting? Did I miss something?

Mayhem in the house, followed by them all hightailing it to the bar!

Ah, so it WAS the Dáil!

Of course for all their uppity ould stuff, they all fairly stand to order when the woman of the house speaks…

You’re on about the Sinn Féin Ard Fheis! Yeah, Mary Lou certainly…

NO! Not the Dáil! Not the Sinn Féin Ard Fheis! Mrs Brown’s Boys!


Did you not see Mrs Brown’s Boys on Friday night?

No, I never watch that!

Why? Is it because you’re a TV snob?

No, it’s because I can take or leave it!

Well, I think it’s funny!

Well then YOU watch it! Actually, I think it’s funny sometimes too…how was it on Friday night?

Eh…not very funny. Still, you have to hand it to Brendan. What a man!

What a man? What a woman!


Mrs Brown!

Oh yeah! Anyways, Mrs Brown’s Boys was celebrating its 10th anniversary last weekend.

That’s a lot of ‘feckins’…

True! So they did a live version…

I don’t suppose that made much difference to the dozy grandad?

Not a bit! So, after they did their thing live on BBC and RTE, they went on the Late Late!

Ah, that’s why I missed it all!


On a Friday night, I usually do what the dozy grandad does…I doze!


(They pause to try out their best Mrs Brown impressions, complete with expletives and chuckles)


I want to be Taoiseach!

Oh don’t be ridiculous! I mean I know you’ve toyed with this idea of a political run, but Taoiseach? Seriously!

No, not me! Mary Lou, the Sinn Féin Leader. SHE confirmed at the weekend that she wants to be Taoiseach…

But she told us that before the last election…

Yeah, well she’s really ready now!

Well fair play to her!

It will be interesting to see how it all pans out. History beckons!

Possibly, although her opponents will no doubt having something to say about that!


(They pause to remove scary looking pumpkins from their respective garden walls, before returning to their phone conversation)


Did you go to the county final?

No, I stayed at home and watched it on TV, while listening to Willie!

Did you do anything else interesting on Sunday night?

Yes, I watched some of that scary stuff on TV…

A Halloween movie?

No, The Week In Politics!

Speaking of politics, how do you rate Mary Lou’s chances?


Of making history? Becoming our first female Taoiseach…

Her chances are excellent. Joan Burton’s off the stage. Norma Foley’s a long shot. There are a few possibles in Fine Gael, but Mary Lou is by far best placed!


It would be some achievement, given the historic dominance of men in our political system. If anyone can do it, Mary Lou can! Even if you disagree with her politics, you have to say no other woman has her authority, her straight-talking style, her appeal in Dublin…

Well…NO other woman?


Voice of authority? Straight-talking? Popular in Dublin? There’s always Mrs Brown!