Barstool Boyos – 5th of February

Loved the ‘Síochána shuffle’…now for the Boyos Ballet!

It’s daft!

It’s not!

It is!

Well, these are daft times!

True! Go on, run it by me again…

It’s simple!

Go on…

We could do it in the Hyde.


Or at Roscommon Castle.

We can’t compete with them…

With who?

With the Gardai! Or the Swiss! They have great dancers in their ranks!

Nah…they spent a couple of days learning it! They put in the effort! Motivate yourself, my friend!

I never even heard of this dance until this week!

Yeah, well you’ve heard of it now! It’s called The Jerusalema Dance! It’s gone viral! The Gardai did a great job!

I know all that NOW!

And…we HAVE to do our version!


(They pause to hum to the Jerusalema Dance)


We could never master that dance…not at our age!

Of course we can! Or we could do OUR OWN dance…it might go viral.

It might go down like a lead balloon. Our own dance?

Yeah…instead of the ‘Síochána shuffle’, the ‘Boyos Ballet’.


Yeah, it would be beautiful at Roscommon Castle. Imagine you and me – and one or two friends – ballet dancing, with the castle as an evocative backdrop.

I can’t imagine it, I certainly don’t want to!

We could ask the bar bore to choreograph it. He says he’s an expert on choreography.

He says he’s an expert on everything!


Anyways, count me out!

No, we HAVE to do it. Let’s organise a Zoom class – some lessons – tonight.

I’m washing my hair tonight! I’m out!


(They pause to allow the slight tension to ease)


Apart from this daft idea, what else is going on in your life?

Oh nothing major. Just trying to get through lockdown.

Did you watch that crazy GAA guy on TV the other night? The antics of him!


The way he was in and out and up and down. Entertaining, mind you. Then every now and again he’d give out to the lads…sure half of them were scared of him! He’s some character!

Ah sure that’s Cake for you…as Frankie said, there’ll never be another Shane Curran.

No, not Shane, Davy Fitz! Did you see him with the young lads…he’s trying to climb Everest with them!

Oh, Davy, oh yeah, I saw that. Good programme. Did you see the profile on Shane Curran?

I did, good fun it was too!


(They pause to reflect on some of Shane Curran’s more outrageous forays from goal)


Anyways, I’m glad you’ve dispensed with that silly idea…us doing a version of that dance!

I still think we could…we could even do it for charity. Is the Hyde open?


Hey…here’s an idea. We could ask Shane or Davy to join us! Even virtually!


The Shane Shuffle! The Davy Dance! I’m inspired! I’m dancing already!

Well I’m waltzing off…to wash my hair!