Andrew Reynolds: ‘The shows must go on!’

Local businessman and community activist Andrew Reynolds has said the county’s farming community should not be forgotten during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and that outdoor events such as agricultural shows should be allowed to proceed under restrictions.

Mr. Reynolds said: “Year on year, members of the agricultural community have looked forward to, and greatly enjoyed, agricultural shows in various different locations around the country.

“However, as with many other outdoor events last year, because of the threat of the spread of Covid 19, these agricultural shows fell victim. As things stand, it is hoped that some of these popular events will return this year, but it will depend on the spread of Covid”.

Mr. Reynolds says it is essential that such events go ahead with regulations such as social distancing and limited attendances in place.

“Hard-working committees have been planning for these for a long time, and communities have already lost one long summer.

“The return of outdoor social events would be a welcome boost to towns and villages nationwide, and would also help the mental health of people who are finding it hard to cope with the social isolation that comes with this pandemic,” he concluded.