A Roscommon Broadsheet: poems, song lyrics, flash fiction

Roscommon County Council Arts Office has announced details of a new literary initiative as part of its Literary Development Programme for 2020. The new initiative comes in the guise of a literary broadsheet.

The broadsheet will be published before the end of the year and will include selected poems, song lyrics and flash fiction from Roscommon poets, songwriters and fiction writers.

The emphasis of the broadsheet will be on unpublished work, however previously published work will be read and considered.

To qualify for submission, writers must have a strong Roscommon connection (born in, living in, working in, parents or grandparents from).

Roscommon poets are being invited to submit poems no longer than 60 lines in length (there is no minimum line length).

Roscommon songwriters are invited to submit song lyrics no longer than 60 lines (there is no minimum line length).

Roscommon fiction writers are invited to submit flash fiction pieces with a maximum word limit of 300 for each story submitted.

Full details are available on the Arts page on Roscommon County Council website (http://www.roscommoncoco.ie/en/services/community/arts-office/literature.html).

Email all submissions to artsofficer@roscommoncoco.ie. The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday, 11th of September 2020. Enquiries to roscwir@gmail.com

A Roscommon Broadsheet (working title) is edited by Roscommon County Council Literary Programme Advisor, Gerry Boland, with guest editor Jane Clarke.