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Reynolds: ‘Money won’t solve homeless crisis’



Community Activist and local businessman Andrew Reynolds has said he finds it “increasingly baffling” that unemployment levels are at the lowest they have been for years yet homeless figures are increasing day by day.

  Referring to a recent report which showed that there has been a significant rise in homelessness figures for July 2018 in Ireland, resulting in the highest number of children ever without a home, Mr. Reynolds said there is something “fundamentally wrong”.

  “I strongly believe that money is not the solution to this problem,” he insisted.  “I feel that there are drug issues, drink issues and addiction issues that are feeding into these problems and these need to be addressed side by side as well as the financial issues. There is no point in putting people into apartments, hostels and hotels if you’re not going to address the real issues and ultimately see those same people ending up back on the streets again.  

  “The increase from June 2018 means there are now 9,891 homeless people across Ireland. These figures represent the highest number of children ever recorded as homeless, an increase of 43 – this is totally unacceptable and nothing less than a national crisis and I would call on the Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy to examine where we are going wrong as a matter of urgency,” he concluded.


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