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Kerrane backs removal of the 8th Amendment

Featured Kerrane backs removal of the 8th Amendment



Sinn Féin General election candidate for Roscommon/Galway Claire Kerrane has called on the people of Roscommon to keep an open mind and listen to the facts when it comes to the 8th Amendment. She is backing its removal.

  Ms. Kerrane said: “While the removal of the 8th Amendment is a deeply personal matter for everyone, it is above all an issue of women’s healthcare.

  “Women have suffered and women have died. That is the reality. We cannot ignore that fact. 

  “Women travel to access abortion in England from every county in the State, including Roscommon. If they cannot travel, women take abortion pills in their homes, unsupervised and alone. That is the reality. 

 “The current situation where women are forced to continue their pregnancy, particularly in cases such as fatal foetal abnormality where the baby will not survive after birth, is cruel.

Women have suffered enough. I am asking people to trust doctors to do their job and trust women”.

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