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Justice Minister calls for Yes vote during visit to county

  • Written by Dan Dooner
  • Published in News



During his recent visit to Co. Roscommon, Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan discussed his advocacy of a Yes vote, claiming that the issue would not be revisited for “many years” if the referendum was rejected by the Irish people.

  “I’m advocating a repeal on the 25th of May. We have seen over the last 35 years a number of very serious and adverse consequences that were not intended when the referendum campaign was underway in 1983. This is about the protection of women, however while it’s primarily a women’s issue it’s not exclusively a women’s issue.

  “Over the next two weeks I would be encouraging people to reflect on what’s at stake here. As a referendum this is entirely a matter for the voters themselves in the privacy of the polling booth.

  “Should the people of Ireland decide to keep the 8th amendment by voting No, this is not something that will be revisited at an early date again.

  “If the vote is Yes then we will proceed to the consequent legislation in the autumn. During the course of that debate we will have an opportunity of a line-by-line engagement on the form of legislation, which of course will have to be published. If the vote is No I would foresee that this matter will not be revisited for many years.

  “Nobody under the age of 50 has had the opportunity to vote on this and of course we will respect the Yes or No as voted”.

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