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Eight electric cars licensed in Roscommon in first half of 2019

Featured Eight electric cars licensed in Roscommon in first half of 2019






In the first half of 2019 there were eight electric and 106 hybrid cars licensed in Roscommon – accounting for 0.2% and 3.3% respectively of new private car sales.

  Experts at Insuremycars.ie say that sales are increasing at a slow and steady pace, a progression they expect to quicken as people realise the cost savings available when it comes to insuring these vehicles both on a private and commercial basis.

  Jonathan Hehir, Managing Director of Insuremycars.ie commented: “The licensing and sales of e-cars, while still small, are on the rise – with an increase of almost 70% in the first half of this year alone. These increases are in the face of a car sales market that is in decline, with the overall number of car sales so far this year showing a decrease of 12.2% compared to 2018.

  “It’s interesting to take a closer look at the regional distribution of electric and hybrid vehicles – what makes them more popular in some counties than others? For electric cars the CSO reports Roscommon had 0.2% of new private car sales for the first half of 2019, while Wicklow had the largest proportion (4.7%), followed by Kildare (3.6%) and Leitrim (3.5%). For hybrid vehicles, they accounted for 3.3% of private car sales in Roscommon, with Longford having the highest proportion (14.6%), followed by Galway (13.1%) and Cavan (12.5%)”.

  Despite increases, the company say they have noticed that people are still, to a large extent, unaware of the impact that going electric can have on insurance premiums.

  Mr. Hehir continued: “In most cases, going electric will bring the price you pay down. Deciding whether or not to go electric often comes down to affordability for people – they have to see a financial incentive. For this reason, we have also negotiated a special discount of between 8-12% for electric car drivers, making premiums for electric cars significantly cheaper than petrol or diesel cars”.


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