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Dental service in Elphin to be moved – Byrne

Featured Dental service in Elphin to be moved – Byrne


Urgent public meeting next Wednesday


Cllr. Valerie Byrne has claimed the dental service in Elphin will be moved to the new Primary Care Centre in Boyle from the 1st of September in a move which she says goes against the Government’s announcement that it wants to revive rural Ireland.

  She also announced that a public meeting will take place in Elphin next Wednesday to discuss the proposed removal of services.

  “Community Healthcare West is proposing that the services be transferred permanently to Boyle.  The reason they are putting forward for this move is that the sterilisation unit is not up to standard but we feel that it is of similar standard to other sterilisation units in the area. 

  “The Government has stated that they will revive rural Ireland and put services back into small communities so why is that not happening in Elphin?

  “If children have to travel to Boyle they could have to take the day off school. Parents would also have to take a full day off work to bring them to appointments. There is no proper public transport so if parents have no car they will be forced to get a taxi.

  “It makes much more sense to leave things as they are and let the dentist and the dental nurse come to Elphin rather than all the children and parents from Elphin surrounding areas travel to Boyle.

  “We have to stand up and stop the haemorrhage of these services from our small communities so we are holding a public meeting in Elphin Day Care Centre on Wednesday, June 27th at 8.30 pm.

  “This meeting is not just for the parents of the children that will have to go to Boyle, it is for all the people in the area that care about Elphin and want to send a message to the Government to bring services to our area and not take them away, therefore destroying small communities”.

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