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Top tips to get your motor through the NCT

Featured Top tips to get your motor through the NCT

The NCT can be a costly business so here at the Roscommon People we’ve put together the five most important tips to assist you in getting your car through.

  Clean the car: This is not just about removing dirt out of courtesy, but ensuring that items to be tested are clean. Clean the lights, windows, mirrors and registration plates and make sure they’re undamaged. Try giving the underside a scrub too and don’t forget the interior and the boot!

  Check your lights: If like me you have a car whereby you need a Masters in mechanical engineering to change the bulbs, tough, it’s an automatic fail if you roll up to the centre with a blown light. Check all bulbs and if needed pop into Halford’s or any decent car parts shop and they’ll change or adjust them. Top up fluids: Oil, engine coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid and windscreen wash. Top these up before you head in.

  Don’t ignore warning signs: A lot of cars fail the NCT due to suspension issues, so if you notice your car attempting to drive you into a ditch or any knocking or pulling, get it sorted. It could save you the hassle and expense of a retest. Don’t ignore any warning lights either.

  Inspect your tyres: Checking tyres at any time of the year is advisable but particularly in winter; so don’t wait for the NCT to do so. Make sure your car is fitted with ‘E’ stamped tyres and that they are not damaged or balding.

  Finally don’t forget all documentation and payment and make sure your tax is up to the date!


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