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YourPhysio – now open in Roscommon Town and Ballaghaderreen

YourPhysio, Roscommon town, is a sister clinic to the Bradley Clinics in Carrick-on-Shannon and Longford Town and also to City Chiropractic in Galway City Centre.  YourPhysio aims to provide a high level of Physiotherapy care to our patients and to give them the results and advice that they require. 

  Primary Physiotherapist, Eimear Delaney of the Bradley Clinics is the Head Physiotherapist for YourPhysio, and Eimear oversees the care of all patients who attend any YourPhysio Clinic, as well as providing continuous training for the Physiotherapists who treat in the YourPhysio Clinics.

  Gavin Horan is our Physiotherapist in Ballaghaderreen and Jennifer Downey is our resident Physio in Roscommon Town. All of our physios are registered with the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapy (ISCP). They use a variety of treatments such as dry needling, soft tissue techniques, mobilisations, sports taping and rehabilitation programmes in order to achieve best results with their patients. YourPhysio was born from local GPs asking Dr Paul Bradley of the Bradley Clinics, to provide physiotherapy services in their clinics and over the coming months another branch of the YourPhysio clinics will be opening in the new Medical Complex in Mullingar.

  If you would like to schedule an appointment for one of our Physiotherapists, please contact 1890-815-684 and our reception team will assist you in making an appointment that is suitable for you.


TK Maxx arrives to Athlone Towncentre

After months of speculation and anticipation the opening of the TK Maxx store at Athlone Towncentre Shopping Centre has been confirmed for Thursday 17th of September at 10 am.

  With over 16,000 square ft. of retail space, the opening of the TK Maxx store represents the largest and most significant development for Athlone Towncentre since it opened its doors in late 2007.  

  Spread over 2 floors adjacent to the Gleeson Street entrance, the store will include extensive ladies, mens and childrens departments along with its ever-popular homeware offering.  

  TK Maxx is renowned worldwide for delivering great value on an ever-changing selection of brand name and designer products.  

  Shoppers can expect to enjoy savings of up to 60% on the recommended retail price of many products in store.  

  Speaking on behalf of Bannon, managing agents for Athlone Towncentre, Ray Geraghty said: “The opening of TK Maxx represents a major milestone for Athlone Towncentre and will further reinforce the centre’s position as the premier shopping destination in the midlands region.”

  Shirley Delahunt, Marketing Manager for Athlone Towncentre commented further specifically highlighting benefit to the local economy.

  “This represents a huge vote of confidence not only for Athlone Towncentre but for Athlone as a whole. It continues to enhance the retail offering in Athlone and makes us a more attractive destination for customers from far and wide.  

  “Another huge benefit is of course the creation of additional employment in the area & it is fantastic to see so many local people joining the team in TK Maxx Athlone. People who will in turn spend their hard-earned weekly wages in a variety of other local businesses and services.”

  The official opening of the TK Maxx store in Athlone Towncentre will take place on Thursday 17th of September at 10 am and will be performed by the well-known TV3 Xpose presenter, Karen Koster together Westmeath GAA star Ray Connellan.



Imagine ... perfect beginnings at Hodson Bay Hotel

At Hodson Bay Hotel it is the little touches that allow us to create the perfect moments for your wedding day to mark the beginning of your life together.

  As your family & friends raise a glass to you, our dedicated Wedding Management Team will stand proudly by, ensuring no stone is left unturned to provide you with the perfect celebration.

  Hodson Bay Hotel has earned its reputation as one of Ireland’s leading wedding venues. Offering a spectacular location on the beautiful shores of Lough Ree, elegant banqueting suites, excellent food and service combined with the wealth of experience & dedication of our team, Hodson Bay Hotel will strive to create the wedding reception of your dreams.

  We pride ourselves on our superb cuisine and menu offering which is one of the most important aspects of any wedding reception.

  Our award-winning Executive Head Chef Gavin O’Rourke and his team will make sure that no attention to detail is spared when preparing sumptuous meals for you and all of your guests with the very best of fresh local and Irish produce.

  We are delighted to announce our 2015 Autumn Wedding Fair which will take place on Sunday the 27th of September from 3-6 pm.

  Come meet our wedding team with over 22 years’ experience as one of Ireland’s top waterside wedding venues. Meet our range of exhibitors from photographers to bands, florists to videographers, and choose that perfect wedding cake!

  Sample our wonderful wedding menu with a complimentary tasting where you can meet our executive head chef and his team. With live music from the amazing Gospelettes, and an evening showcase by the Bentley Boys, this is an event not to be missed!

  For further information on all of our wedding packages or to book your appointment for the day of the wedding fair, please contact our wedding Co-Ordinator Lisa Wykes on 090-6442000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Celebrate Ireland’s first Nutritional Therapy Awareness Week with Healthy Beings Health Store!

Top advice at Strokestown Store on Thursday

The Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI) is the official association for nutritional therapists and is proud to announce Ireland’s first official Nutritional Therapist Awareness Week, which runs from September 14 to 21.

  Ann Gannon, a member of the NTOI, will be at Healthy Beings Health Store, Strokestown, on Thursday (17th) throughout the day and also Oasis Health Store, Carrick-on-Shannon, on Friday (18th) throughout the day.

  Nutritional therapy is an evidence-based approach to maximising one’s health potential through individually formulated nutritional and lifestyle changes.

  Nutritional therapy treats the body as a whole while seeking the root source of health concerns, rather than simply treating the symptoms.

  Whilst there are certain dietary modifications that are likely to benefit everyone, a nutritional therapist recognises that everyone is different, the one size fits all diet does not exist. 

  Rather the diet of most benefit to your health will be the one that is specifically designed to meet your individual biochemical needs (personalised nutrition). 

  Nutritional therapy focuses on natural, wholesome,  unprocessed whole foods for optimal well being, as well as the therapeutic effects of particular foods for specific health conditions  which heal the body and boost overall health. 

  A nutritional therapist will work with the client to devise a meal plan that is nutritionally balanced, practical, enjoyable and sustainable. 

  If any foods need to be reduced or eliminated for a period of time viable alternatives will be suggested that will maintain nutritional needs. The aim is to find a diet and lifestyle that helps you look and feel your absolute best.

  Where necessary, a nutritional therapist may also recommend vitamin and mineral supplements to help alleviate certain symptoms or optimise nutritional status.  However, natural foods are always the first line of treatment.

  Nutritional therapy is not intended to replace conventional medicines but to complement them. 

Major Glenamaddy Show launched

There was a huge turnout at the launch of the Glenamaddy District Ploughing & Agricultural Show at Glenamaddy Equestrian Centre last Thursday night.

  The show was revived last year: the 2014 edition was the first one held in Glenamaddy in 60 years. And this year’s edition will take place in the equestrian centre on Sunday, October 4, from 10.30 am to 5 pm.

  It looks set to be a wonderful event, with a range of competitions, activities and attractions for all visitors. A hugely-dedicated committee are eager to ensure it will rival many more established farm shows nationwide.

  Show chairman Seán Ganley said: “It will be one of the best farming events west of the Shannon.”

  The equestrian centre and 30 acres of surrounding lands will once again play host to a range of attractions, including a top-class ploughing match, an indoor pedigree and commercial cattle show and a free play zone for kids.

  The ploughing championship, an official National Ploughing Association event, will be the centrepiece of the show.

  Mr Ganley said: “We’re fortunate to have access to one of the most ideal venues in Ireland – indeed, the equestrian centre here is the largest indoor arena in the west of Ireland.

  “A great group of volunteers from Glenamaddy, Clonberne, Kilkerrin, Glinsk and Williamstown have been working diligently and it’s great to see such a wonderful event emerging from that work.”

  Mr Ganley said that the show had received a huge boost this year with the addition of the Comer Group, owned by Glenamaddy brother Luke and Brian Comer, as main sponsors.

  Mr Ganley said: “I would like to thank them for their generous support towards the staging of this event. It is greatly appreciated by all involved.”

  The show have named a new perpetual cup, for the overall champion of the livestock show, in honour of the Comers’ generous contribution.

  Mr Ganley added: “I would also like to pay tribute to the many business and families across the area who have so far generously provided additional sponsorship and support to the event.”

  The gate will open for exhibitors on show day at 8 am, with gates opening to the general public at 10.30 am. The official opening will take place at 1 pm.

Weekend entertainment at JJ’s in Roscommon

Michael Banahan will perform in the Folk Club in JJ Harlow’s, The Square, Roscommon town, tonight (Thursday) from 9 pm to 11 pm.

  Founding member of Traditional/Folk group Rig the Jig, Michael has been involved in the music business for many years and has released in total nine critically acclaimed albums.

  He was a founder of GoodWood Music, a record label set up to support original Irish talent from all genres of music. The label release records worldwide through partnerships developed in the UK and the USA. On this Friday night in JJ’s, meanwhile, The Square House Social will take place, while on Saturday, the Junkyard Geordies will perform.

  Finally, on Sunday night, Cara Ceol will perform, concluding a wonderful few days’ music in the top Roscommon town pub.

Cynic Gal ... Shelley Madden

Keep Calm and Move House

Once upon a time, a girl was searching for her perfect abode. She was told by a wise old man that she would need to offer the housing gods a solid bar of gold, her firstborn child and the blood of five male pigs. She would also need to battle a thousand evil witches who also coveted her magical cottage.

Medieval fairy-tale? More like Galway city mid-August. If you don’t rock up with your references and cash deposit in hand, you can kiss that apartment goodbye.

People bemoan the rent crisis in Dublin, where you pay a small fortune for a kitchen cum bathroom nightmare, but the reality is that it has trickled out through all of our smaller cities and towns.

In Cork, the difference in two years is monumental. My rent was increased by 50 euro but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t upped again this year.

My apartment was offered as temporary host to two girls seeking refuge at the mercy of fastidious landlords. When young graduates are genuinely worried about living on the streets, it makes you wonder how did it get so bad so quickly?

Back in the day, you trawled Daft.ie for the best possible deal and ruled out any place that didn’t have pictures included or a dishwasher.

Nowadays you take anything you can get with a roof and four walls (and an Ethernet connection, you’re not an animal). Reports of open viewings are starting to sound like a scene from 300.

Girls are going into nightclub bathroom mode whereas guys are puffing up every inch of chest in their attempts to shoulder into the 3-bed apartment with ensuite bathrooms. It’s a dog eat dog world in the land where no pets are allowed.

There is little wonder as to why the rent crisis is at its peak today. The Celtic Tiger spawned a generation of reluctant landlords who are opting to sell their dream homes for half their value rather than lease them out to unruly students.

While it is unfair to tar everyone with the same brush, you can see why they would prefer the young family to a quartet of beer-guzzling first-years. My ex-landlady sold her house fairly sharpish after our Rag Week incident which involved broken chairs, upturned bins and a Garda callout.

And we were the mild breed of student. The advice is to be prepared. Get your references sorted, have your deposit and month’s rent ready to go and above all else, charm the pants off that landlord. Not literally of course. Unless it’s a duplex apartment with sea views; then you do what you need to do.

‘How I turned my life around’

A local man has told an inspirational story of how he transformed his life having been on the brink on committing suicide five years ago.

  In October 2010, Breifne Earley, from Leitrim village, had plummeted to such a state of despair that he decided to take his own life. However, a sequence of events led to him changing his mind.

  Then, he turned his life around to such a degree that not only did his depression lift, but he began to live a very fulfilled life.

  He has completed some remarkable physical and mental challenges, crowned by his recent victory in the 2014 Pedal the Planet World Cycle Race.

  Breifne, 32, recounted his story at the launch of Roscommon Suicide Bereavement Liaison Service in Vita House Family Centre on Abbey Street, Roscommon town, on Monday.

  “Unfortunately, I was in a position where I nearly asked my family to require this service,” he said. “Five years ago, I sat in my bedroom in Dublin in a bedsit. I was almost 20 stone, so I was severely obese.

  “I had not had a second glance from a girl in two years. I was very unhappy in my work environment and my professional situation was not healthy.

  “I was generally unhappy. There was no redeeming positivity at all. I made the decision one Sunday afternoon that I was going to take my own life.”

  Then, he explained, two incidents happened by chance.

  Firstly, as he sat in his bedsit, a movie called The Bucket List came on the television. It details an epic adventure around the world, in which the protagonists tick a variety of expeditions off their ‘bucket list’.

  It proved inspirational to Breifne.

  Secondly, he received a text message from an uncle, informing him of a forthcoming memorial service for his son, who died of leukemia, aged 12.

  Breifne said: “And I just thought of the devastation that that death, completely outside anybody’s control, had caused my family. And I just thought that my parents wouldn’t survive if I was to take my own life.”

  And so, he decided to give himself a “stay of execution” and to postpone his plan to end his own life.

  “I was going to give myself one year to turn it around,” he said.

  He set himself a list of significant challenges.

  “Individual personal challenges: to lose weight, to get out more, to travel, to save some money, to get a new job, to get out of the environment I was in and learn some skills.”

  Over the course of the next 13 months, from October 2010 to November the following year, he applied himself doggedly to those tasks. He received widespread support as he logged his progress on an online diary.

  He made remarkable advances. In that 13-month period, he learned to swim, contested triathlons and open-water swims, cycled around New Zealand and ran a marathon, to name just some of the challenges that he completed.

  He also travelled to 10 new countries and lost four and a half stone.

  Breifne said: “I got to the end of the year. Every single challenge that I had set myself was achieved. And I decided that I couldn’t go back to the old way.

  “There was never a question again of me taking my own life. Everything was so positive that it was unbelievable.”

  He continued to set himself challenges.

  The most daunting one was the world cycle race. Only seven people registered for this event; just four made it to the starting line in March of last year; only one made it to the finish line. That was Breifne.

  In mid-July, after cycling for 490 days, covering 27 countries and 18,000 miles, he won the prestigious competition.



149th Strokestown Show is this weekend

It’s one of the biggest agricultural and family-friendly shows held anywhere in Ireland – and it’s on this weekend!

The 149th annual Strokestown Agricultural Show will be held in the grounds of Strokestown Park House on Saturday and Sunday, the 12th and 13th of September.

Various All-Ireland finals will be held, with Saturday’s amazing schedule sure to attract competitors and spectators from all over Ireland. On the Sunday, a real ‘Family Day’ atmosphere descends on Strokestown.

Saturday’s schedule

Saturday of show weekend at Strokestown is traditionally the day on which the majority of animal-related competitions take place.

On Saturday the highlights of this year’s ‘Strokestown schedule’ will include the Angus Society All-Ireland Finals with prize fund of €10,000, the €5,000 All-Ireland Nutrius Animal Feeds Beef Bullock Championship and the €2,000 Greenvale Animal Feeds All-Ireland Beef Heifer Final.

Also taking place will be the €1,200 Hanly’s Hardware and Spar Supermarket All-Ireland Calf Classes. There will be classes in Hereford, Charolais, Limousin, Belgian Blue, Simmental and Shorthorn, with All-Ireland finals in Limousin, Simmental and Shorthorn. There will also be the traditional range of sheep classes.

An important and very popular part of the show are the farm and garden produce displays, which will be very varied once again this year.

New to this section is a qualifier for the All-Ireland Christmas Baking Championship, sponsored by Al Hayes Motors, with a prize-fund of €750 (final at Eyrecourt Show on Sunday, September 20th).

Sunday’s highlights

On Sunday the Strokestown Park Irish Draught Broodmare Championships will be held, featuring a €2,000 prize fund.

This is sponsored by the Callery Family Endowment Fund. There will be a range of horse and pony showing classes, including Driving for Style and Appearance.

There will be a Donkey Derby (€100 prize for winner), a great Dog Show, Poultry Section and much more.

Family Fun

Sunday is very much Family Day at Strokestown Show.

There will be a Little Miss and Little Master Show, a Miss Teen competition, Glamorous Granny event and of course the ever-popular Baby Show.

Winner of the Best Dressed Lady award will receive a €500 prize and the person deemed to be the Best Dressed Gent will receive a €200 prize. There will be a Puissance Wall competition in association with The County Roscommon Hunt.

Dog Show

Organisers are preparing for their biggest Dog Show yet, taking place on Sunday, 13th of September. There will be classes for just about every breed of dog you can think of! New to the Dog Show this year is a qualifier for the All-Ireland Irish Native Breed Championship Final being held at Eyrecourt Show on September 20th.

Visit the fabulous Walled Gardens

On the Sunday of the Show, the beautiful six-acre Walled Gardens at Strokestown Park House will be open, free of charge, to the public. Thanks to the Callery family for this gesture.

Entertainment for children…

There will be a real family atmosphere in the grounds of Strokestown Park House on both days. There will be FREE bouncy castles and slides for kids throughout both days. There will also be numerous further amusements. Performing ponies will be in attendance too!

Music and dancing!

There will be music and an opportunity for locals and visitors to mingle and socialise during the two-day Strokestown Show. Watch out for Marty Mone of ‘Hit the Diff’ renown who will provide entertainment on Sunday afternoon, as will a number of other bands and professional dancers.

Come and see Killian and Katelyn – ‘The Jiving Kids’ – give a spectacular afternoon performance on Sunday, September 13th.

Kilduff launches annual Harvest Exhibition in Lecarrow

The committee of St Johns Community Centre, Lecarrow held a most enjoyable launch night for their forthcoming 2nd annual Harvest Exhibition in Kelly’s Bar, Lecarrow on Friday night last.

  The exhibition was officially launched by Cathaoirleach of Roscommon County Council, Cllr. Paddy Kilduff, who himself was the founding secretary of St Johns Community Centre. Cllr. Kilduff warmly welcomed the forthcoming exhibition (it takes place on 19th September) which will once again be kindly hosted by local landowners James and Eleanor Coffey – and he spoke of the great community spirit that exists in the locality to set up and host such events.

  Cllr. Tony Ward also addressed the gathering and spoke of being very proud to see a local event that showcases all the traditional harvesting methods that generations ago would have been used to. Both Cllr. Kilduff and Cllr. Ward praised James and Eleanor Coffey for their generosity in opening up their farm to a worthy local cause.

  PRO of St Johns Community Centre, Lecarrow commented to the Roscommon People: “We are delighted that our harvest exhibition day is coming together nicely and we have added a significant schedule to events to our programme in recent days.  “This year’s event will be significantly bigger than last year’s, with a huge positive response from local committees and participants who will take part on the day.

  “This year will, for instance, see horse and donkey classes with prizes for best in class and best turned out in classes;  there will be a sheepdog display from well-known local trainer Andy Grady; Roscommon County Hunt will hold a Jumping display; there will be Novice horse and tractor ploughing exhibition in conjunction with Roscommon Ploughing Association; there will be a sheep fair on site, and a host of other traditional harvesting techniques and showcases. Trade stalls are welcome with a range of exhibitors already signed up to attend and there will be a traditional funfair for children with Macks Funfair and amusements. Free pony and carriage rides will also be available on the day.

  “We hope to offer good value for money and an enjoyable family day out with admission only €5 for adults and children go free. Entry to horse and pony classes is only €5 for ponies, €10 for horse classes and donkeys are free. Prizes will be given to winning participants. Anyone who would like to help out in the event or have a trade stall can contact me on 086-8952283” Mr. Diffley concluded.



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