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Roscommon native XNTHONY announces bid to represent Ireland at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest

Wannabe Popstar and Roscommon native, XNTHONY, has publically announced his intention to represent Ireland at the next Eurovision Song Contest outside the Gaiety Theatre, where Riverdance is currently celebrating its twentieth anniversary.

  The artist, turned popstar will seek the guidance of the public in selecting a song for the competition in a series of special performances, titled Douze, in Smock Alley as part of the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival.

  XNTHONY is making a comeback. Equipped with as many fizzy pop songs as he can muster he’s on a mission to bring the Eurovision back to the people. He is building a platform. He wants to be your representative.

  Will the public support XNTHONY in his dream. Or will someone else rip it from his clutches?

   XNTHONY chose to make his public announcement outside the Gaiety Theatre where Eurovision favourite, Riverdance, is celebrating its twentieth anniversary. 

  Ireland is renowned for its record of the country with the most  wins in Eurovision history and XNTHONY is keen to bring the country back to the glory days of Johnny Logan and Linda Martin.

  Buoyed by a desire to let the public have a greater say in selecting their entry, XNTHONY has armed himself a host of catchy songs and his backing singers, The Penny Slots, to present Douze, a collection of intimate performances to let the public help in deciding what song they want to represent the country.

  XNTHONY is a graduate of NCAD and a former first runner up in the Alternative Miss Ireland competition.

  His work combines theatricality, media-making and music to create performance which unfolds both on stage and online. Recent works include KITSCHCOCK and My Name is B, an endurance piece inspired by obsession and The Red Shoes.


Maria McCarthy crowned Queen at Loughglynn festival

A large crowd gathered into Loughglynn Community Centre as Maria Mc Carthy was crowned Queen of the Woodlands 2015 last Saturday, in what was the culmination of the annual Queen of the Woodlands festival and the Loughglynn music Festival.

  After an evening of partying, the contestants took to the stage, where they were ably interviewed by Gerry Glennon, from Midwest Radio.

  The crowning of as Queen of the Woodlands took place at 11.30 pm, with the reigning Queen, Alisha Callaghan, handing over the mantle.

  Ms McCarthy was sponsored by Cllr. Michael Creaton, of Fine Gael.

  Maria received a perpetual trophy, sponsored by Lynch Roofing, and a substantial cheque, which was sponsored and presented by James Creaton, of Loughglynn. 

  She also received shoes, sponsored by Pairs Shoes in Castlerea; a bag, sponsored by Glamorize, Castlerea; a cosmetic hamper, sponsored by McAnana’s Chemist; a Newbridge Chain, sponsored by Gentique Jewellery’s, Castlerea; and numerous other gifts and vouchers.

  The winning Queen will also take part in the Roscommon Rose Selection night for Tralee 2016.

  All contestants received a commemorative gift on the evening.  Escorts on the night were Patrick Loftus and Liam Grady, from Lisacul.

  Adjudicators were Maureen Claffey, from Castlerea; Marina Hardiman, Shannonside Radio; and Evelyn O’Connor Tooreen (former contestant in Rose of Tralee).

  Contestants for the Queen of the Woodlands were: Joanne Behan, Kilkelly; Jennifer Leyden, Fairymount; Chloe Carroll, Loughglynn; Maria Mc Carthy, Loughglynn; Stephanie Hannelly, Loughglynn; Kate Culligan, Loughglynn/Dublin; Karen Leech, Lisacul; Siobhan O’Connor, Tarmon, Castlerea; Riona Geraghty, Loughglynn.

  Brendan Shine provided music and non-stop entertainment for the evening.

  The organising committee would like to say a massive ‘thank you’ to all the very generous sponsors.

  They would also like to express their gratitude to the judges, escorts, Loughglynn Music Festival committee and all the girls who participated.

  Finally, they would like to thank all those the event, making it as always a very successful event.



Rose of Tralee tour comes to Roscommon next week

The 2015 International Rose of Tralee tour comes to Roscommon town next Thursday 13th August for first time ever to Roscommon.

  This is part of their Irish tour before they arrive in Tralee for the dome TV nights.

The 32 roses along with current rose Maria Walsh and Roscommon Rose Sarah Murphy  will all be here to meet and sign autographs.

  The tour bus will arrive at the Roscommon Park/Castle at approximately 11.30am for two hours where they will meet the public and have a tour of the castle. Patrons will also be entertained by Emerald Storm and sample  food, beer and see lots from local Roscommon businesses.

  Anyone who would like to help can contact Roscommon Rose centre. A first for the roses they will each get the chance to sheer sheep  which will attract a lot from our national and local press.

  The Roscommon Rose centre are delighted  to have secured this visit for Roscommon town and for all the sponsors including our main sponsor Callington Ltd who help make Roscommon Rose possible  each year. We may not be in Tralee this year but we will certainly put Roscommon on the map.

  There will be a lot of national local press and TV will be in town on the morning. Everyone is welcome to come along and meet all the roses. Children can dress up in little bow peep if they wish!

  Thanks from Roscommon Rose centre committee to all who are helping us with our plans for the tour. See you all Thursday next week at 11.30am.

Night of the year fast approaching

The night of the year ‘The Rockin Rossies’ is fast approaching. This major fundraising night in aid of Pieta House West will take place in Carty's Porterhouse Castle Street Roscommon on Friday August the 21st.

  A special band of talented local musicians will play a set that they have chosen for the night and then there will be a 70's 80's and 90's disco with Seamus Duke to end the night. There is a late bar on the night and tickets are on sale at just €10 at Carty's Porterhouse and at Eight 'Til Late, The Square.

  Doors will open at 10pm and it is all in aid of a great cause. So put Friday August the 21st into your diary. It promises to be a night to remember. For further details contact 086-8335380.

Ed Deane band set for JJ’s

This Saturday night at JJ Harlows, Roscommon, the Ed Deane band will perform. Their musical style, based in the blues, encompasses many musical forms, including world music, rock and roll, folk and traditional, and more avant garde forms such as experimental theatre and free improvisation

  Ed has been touring and recording with many artists since the early 1970s. Artists he has recorded and played with include Frankie Miller, Donovan, Dana Gillespie, Nick Lowe, Henry McCullough, Chris Jagger, Shane McGowan and Bap Kennedy, among others.

  Ed plays regular gigs in Ireland and the UK. He has a Thursday night residency at Frank Ryans in Smithfield Dublin, playing with Left, Right and Centre. The Ed Deane band regularly plays at Dublin’s premier Blues and Jazz venue, JJ Smyths.

  Make sure to catch this intriguing act when they perform in JJ’s this Saturday night.


My experience has been amazing

A Blog - Alison McDermott

Week 4 (Session 10)

Today is my 10th session. I can’t believe the sessions are going by so fast!! I can seriously see a major difference since day 1! I’ve had to buy new gym gear and some new clothes. My body has toned up so much over the last couple of weeks. It’s great to see the hard work finally paying off!

  Ugh…nearly there with walk 4 short of 2 mins and it’s complete and the next day I am completing it! Everything else is going good, level 3 this time around seems a bit easier. I always find the 1st day of a new level tough. I think it’s the fact that I don’t know what exercise is next that makes it difficult. I’m using between 2.5kgs and 6kgs now during the body sculpting and I can really see the difference…my arms are really beginning to tone up…it’s the motivation needed to carry on.


Session 11

Decided today is the day I complete walk 4 if it kills me or not! On with my new smaller suit and on the pod I hop. In my head I had to keep telling myself to keep going and not to stop and it will be all worth it. With 6 mins left to go I very nearly had to slow down the speed but I knew I’d be so disappointed in myself if I did. The cool down starts with 2 mins left so I just kept saying only 4 minutes left before it’s the cool down… You can do this and I did!

  I actually managed to complete the stage. I have never sweated as much and I could barely stand when I finished but I managed to complete it and I am delighted with myself!! When I finished i don’t know where I’m going to get the energy to complete the body sculpting. I stick to level 3 and do the 10 reps even though I know only reached 7 or 8 reps in a few on them!


Session 12

My body is sore today after completing walk 4 the last day but I move on to walk 5 and see what it has in store for me and yeah it’s much quicker. I kind of like the fact that these machines will always challenge you and that you can see your fitness improve day by day! I manage on walk 5 till 18 mins and then turn it down to take a break because I’ve been running for last 10 mins and I need to catch my breath! I take a break for a couple of mins and start off running again. I have to reduce the speed a few time over the following 15 mins but it is only day 1 on walk 5 so I don’t really mind having to turn the speed down! I’m a bit shaky when I get off the pod so I take few mins to get my balance back and take on more fluids and start into my body sculpting

Session 13 – My final day

Day 13 and it’s my final day on the challenge. Even though it’s my last day the guys don’t let me take it easy they want to see if I could pass level 5 without changing it.  I manage to over all do a total of 23 mins so turning down the speed for 7 mins in total for the 2nd time on that level isn’t to bed I’m quite proud of myself. I couldn’t even go 7 mins on day 1 one without having to change the speed and the incline and now I’m 2 levels harder and on the 2nd day I’ve managed to nearly completed the level! I stay on level 3 for the body sculpting and do 20 reps my body know all about it by the time I’ve finished but it’s a good kind of pain – if that is even possible!

  I can’t believe it has come to an end so quick! I definitely will be keeping sásta going after this and will recommend it to anyone. I feel so much better about myself since I started and my body has completely changed. It has toned up so much in such a short space of time I actually can’t believe it. It is very addictive and you always have a challenge to complete the level you are on without having to alter the speed incline or vacuum. The staff has been brilliant and very encouraging and overall have a great attitude towards their clients. They don’t judge anyone who comes in to use the pod, everyone is treated with respect and everyone walks out with a sense of achievement.

  The diet is so easy to follow and the foods they recommend are normal everyday foods which are found in every supermarket.

  Overall my experience has been amazing and I’m so glad I said yes to undertaking the challenge.





Cynic Gal ... GAA for Dummies

BA BA BA BA BABA BA...with the right inflection, you’ll see I’m trying to print the theme tune of the Sunday Game. The soundtrack of the GAA conjures up memories of newspapers flittered everywhere, the lingering smell of roast chicken, and Mama Bear studying the Mass leaflet with great intent.

  Unabashed by my failed efforts at becoming a child camogie prodigy, I solidly performed my duty as a loyal county supporter. I dusted off the jersey that was seasons old and I donned the braided rope in my hair. I even attempted the dual eyeshadow to match (as a Galway native, you can imagine the horrific pairing of maroon and white that took place on my eyeballs).

At Croke Park outings, I was determined not to be held back by my limited knowledge of the game and so I yelled out safe words of encouragement like ‘Go on ya good thing!’ Meanwhile, the seasoned supporters were doling out actual pointers such as ‘The corner back needs to mark up!’ and ‘Ref, that was a 45 if ever I saw one!’ I prayed no-one would single me out as an imposter and I was ready to recite the Amhrán na bhFiann word for word back to them, even if all they asked was did I want a Coke?

  As previously stated, my intellectual and physical ineptitude for GAA was through no lack of familial influence. A goal opportunity could propel Papa Bear into an imaginary seat inches from the television screen, yelling at the players, who were now all bastards. He was adamant that my loyalty would be to Galway in their recent match against Cork, as if my current geographical location would have me automatically decked out in red and white screaming ‘UP THE REBELS!’

  Despite my early apathy for the Sunday Game, I will admit to becoming a regular viewer. I grow more enthralled each day by the effect that the GAA has on our nation, how an All-Ireland Final can captivate an audience, and most of all, how fantastic a bum can look in those teensy white shorts.

Anyway, we are nearing the end of this piece and I have yet to offer up the words of advice that were promised by my title. If like me, theoretical sporting terms fail to register in your brain, just throw out a few names here and there. Marty Morrissey is king. Joe Brolly is a bollix. Michael Lyster is the only man for the job. Ger Loughnane has some way with words. The Gooch. There you go. Sure aren’t you practically playing county at this stage?

Ballinamore Bridge to revive centuries old hen fair

The Village of Ballinamore Bridge in East Galway once boasted to have one of the oldest Hen Fairs in the West of Ireland. Hughes Bar, the centre piece of the village since the 1840s, have a weekend of activities planned to entertain all the family.

  The bars monthly Trad Session will take place on Friday the 7th of August. Saturday sees the return of the Hen Fair day with Ceili Session and traditional dancing from 8-10pm. David and The Blue Tax will keep the crowd entertained until the early hours with a presentation of cheques to both Galway Hospice and Pieta House from the hugely successful Ladies Night and Bike Run held in the bar in June.

  Sunday holds something for all the family with a barbecue and Bozo the Clown to entertain the kids. We also see a variation of another old tradition revived with an Up the bridge versus Down the bridge tug-of-war competition taking place at 5pm.

  The evening’s entertainment contains Ceili music from Joe Connor and Shillelaghs, the Country Cowboy and an exhibition of Old Footage from By Gone Years. All are welcome to attend.


Ciaran Rosney and John Glynn for Tulsk this weekend

A big weekend is in store for dancers this weekend at the Country Ballroom, Tulsk Inn with the brilliant Ciaran Rosney taking to the stage on this Friday night with the legendary John Glynn and the Wranglers taking to the stage on Saturday night which should make for a massive night of entertainment.

  Ciaran Rosney continues to dazzle the public with his extraordinary talent. His latest single has once again captured the radio listening audience all over the Country. His big hit ‘Willie’s Shoes’ is still a big favourite with many country music lovers and one of his latest singles ‘I wish I was in Nashville’ is also a massive radio hit.

  The Offaly man now lives in Monaghan with his family and he continues to widen his appeal with many appearances up and down the country. On Saturday night John Glynn makes just his second appearance at this popular

Dance venue. John and his band the Wranglers got a tumultuous welcome on his last appearance here. A legend on the Country music scene for many years John and his band will have the patrons dancing throughout the night.

  Doors open on both nights at 9.30 pm. Admission to Ciaran Rosney is €7 with admission to John Glynn is €10.

The Country Ballroom is proceeding with its second concert and dance in mid-August with more details in next week’s People.

Magical and mystical: Ballaghaderreen ready for ‘Secret Village’ Festival

Over 1,000 people are expected to descend on Ballaghaderreen for the third annual ‘The Secret Village’, an arts, culture and music festival, which takes place in the woods just outside the town centre on Saturday and Sunday August 8/9.

  This scenic area was once used as allotments for many of the town’s residents, but it is no longer used for that particular purpose.

  However, nowadays, the unused land transforms once a year into a roots music extravaganza.

  The stunning setting fills adults’ minds with thoughts of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, while children marvel at this magical place drawn straight out of a fairytale.

  The event was first staged in 2013. Next week’s version is set to be the biggest yet, with an extended site now going deep into the forest.

  A total of 25 acts will perform on two stages over the weekend.

  Adding to the music, countless crafts and trades can be found dotted throughout The Secret Village. In a throwback to a bygone era, wood-turners and blacksmiths will be among those performing demonstrations.

  The event certainly will be child-friendly, with a variety of old-style amusements and treasure hunts among the entertainment on offer. The amusements are built on-site specifically for the festival.

  This ensures that people of all ages will converge on the northwest Roscommon town for the festival, which will run from 2.30 pm to 11 pm on both the Saturday and the Sunday.

  For more information, see ‘The Secret Village Festival’ on Facebook or call Spell’s Bar, the co-organisers, on 094-9860144.




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