Thursday, 26 March 2015

Macra forage competition launched

A new Macra and Forage Systems ‘Production from Forage’ competition was launched in Roscommon this week.

This new competition aims to reward young farmers who produce the best and most profitable forage. There are two categories, one for the dairy farmer, and another for the beef or sheep farmer.

Dairy farmers will be measured on litres of milk per cow from forage and the beef or sheep farmer will be measured on live weight gain per livestock unit from forage. These criteria can be assessed by a simple formula for which the details required will accompany the entrants’ application form for the competition. In the case of mixed farms the main enterprise of the farm will be assessed.

There will be four regional winners in both categories who will receive a Forage Systems voucher for €150. From these eight finalists there will be one overall national winner, who will win for themselves the very prestigious prize of an ATV quad bike. Forage is anything other than bought in feed and includes grazed grass, grass silage, wholecrop, maize, beet, crimp or straw. Crops that are grown on contract for the farm will also be included.

As part of the competition the farmer (who must be a Macra member and must be involved in the decision making of the crop sampled) will be asked to submit a sample of his main forage on farm, e.g. silage. This will be assessed and will make up part of the assessment of his Production from Forage. The closing date for applications is 12th August 2009. Application forms and sample bags are available from Macra Derry Dillon at Macra National offices.