Friday, 27 March 2015

Retreat in your home spa

One way to get away, and at the same time enhance a home’s value is to turn the bathroom into an in-home retreat.

In fact, making the bathroom a place of retreat is one of today’s most popular home remodelling projects, according to Annemarie Tumilty Shires Marketing Manager, as homeowners look for relief from hectic lifestyles and choose to spend more time at home during the current economic climate.

Whirlpool bathtubs stimulate your muscles, causing relaxing sensations all throughout your body. The bubbles flow evenly and so consistently it can be the ideal environment for relaxing. Many spa facilities have whirlpool baths, but they’re only open certain hours of the day. Why wait for spa hours when you can experience the delight of having a whirlpool bathtub in your own home? Shires have made creating a home spa easier than ever with whirlpool jets, which can be fitted to all bathtubs from the Shires range.

Unwind from the stresses of daily life, relieve muscle strains, tension or just relax, Hydrotherapy will make you feel better the natural way.

Hydrotherapy is the therapeutic use of warm water. Warmth, buoyancy and massage are the three factors at work.

Immersion in warm water raises the body temperature resulting in increased circulation allowing muscles to rejuvenate and heal

The buoyancy of water reduces body weight by up to 90%, relieving pressure on muscles and joints allowing them to relax and recover

The massaging action of a whirlpool relaxes tense muscles, improves circulation and leaves the bather physically and mentally relaxed.

The structured blending of air and water in a Whirlpool or Air spa system substantially enhances the buoyancy and massaging effectiveness.

The ideal whirlpool combines an ergonomic bathtub design with high performance luxury jets strategically placed to act on all key sections of the body. The bather can adopt a comfortable position and only has to alter the power of the jets slightly to achieve the desired effect.