Saturday, 28 March 2015

No decision on location of Boyle Primary Care team

No decision has yet been made about where to locate a primary care team in Boyle, although HSE west plans to commence work on a team in Boyle in 2009. Information on the new primary came was given at Tuesday’s meeting of the Regional Health Forum, following a question from Cllr. Charlie Hopkins.

Cllr. Hopkins asked, “When will the Primary Care Team be rolled out in Boyle?  Where will it be located and what services will it provide?” The HSE reply stated, “Roscommon PCCC plan to commence work on implementing a Primary Care Team in Boyle in 2009. As yet no decision have been made about where the team will be located. However, in July 2008, the HSE advertised for applicants to provide a Primary Care Centre in the Boyle area. 

  Any applications received for Boyle have now been processed from HSE Estates in Parnell Square to the local Estates office in Merlin Park. Letters of Declarations were issued recently to applicants requesting GP declarations for the centres advertised in July and once criteria set by the HSE has been met then Estates will be in a position to advise which application has been successful and consequently the location of the Primary Care Centre. Funding for this centre will form part of the overall national initiative for Primary Care Infrastructure and it is anticipated that centres will be functioning within 15-24 months, depending on the type of building project required.