Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Moore calls for gritting of local roads

Fine Gael Councillor and local election candidate Ollie Moore has called for funding to be set aside for the gritting of local roads during poor weather to ensure that people and communities are not isolated. 

“Over the last few weeks many people have highlighted the fact that there has been a considerable number of road accidents on local roads due to the poor weather conditions and some people found it nearly impossible to get to work, especially due to black ice,” stated Cllr. Moore. 

“There was also a number of issues regarding school buses, with drivers threatening to withdraw the service due to the dangerous condition of some roads. I intend to table a motion at Roscommon County Council calling for funds to be set aside to grit at least the busy local roads should further poor weather arise.” 

Cllr. Moore continued: “While I understand that it would be impossible to grit every road, it is important that we ensure that as many roads as possible are made passable. It is also important to remember that poor road surface and infrastructure conditions have been directly associated with higher levels of road accidents annually (up to 30 percent), according to European research. 

“In Ireland, we fail to examine the impact of the road condition on the situations which confront motorists each day. 

“Many lives could be saved, and many accidents avoided, if the existing road infrastructure was managed according to the best practice of safety engineering, including the gritting of roads. 

“My colleague Denis Naughten TD is already taking this issue up with the National Roads Authority which controls the funding for the gritting of roads, seeking to give priority to important local roads, and not just the main roads passing through the county,” concluded Cllr. Moore.