Saturday, 28 March 2015

Students attend Crofton event

Six transition year students from CBS Roscommon made the short trip to Kilmaine Cemetery in Ballymurray recently to attend the unveiling of a plaque in memory of the late Guy Crofton.

The event took place on Thursday, September 18th. Teachers Mr Gacquin and Ms Mulleady accompanied students James Murray, James Miley, Aaron O’Reilly, Mark McCourt, Niall Glennon and Eoin White to the unveiling of a plaque dedicated to the memory of Lord Guy Crofton. The event had a special historical significance for the county of Roscommon. Lord Guy Crofton 1951-2007 died last November. He was the last member of the Crofton family to be born at Mote Park before the family finally left the area.

Ancient seat of O’Murray

The Crofton family arrived in Ireland during the reign of Elizabeth I and received large grants of lands in County Roscommon. They made the ancient seat of the O’Murray family at Ballymurray their family seat. The family was part of Roscommon life for four hundred years. On Thursday 18th September members of the Crofton family were in attendance at the unveiling of the plaque dedicated to Lord Guy Crofton that took place at the ancestral burial ground of the family in Kilmaine Cemetery. 

The students heard a number of short talks from various local historians, including Dr. Kieran O’Conor, lecturer in Archaeology at NUIG. Prayers were recited by Rev. Sandra Lindsay, Rector of the Roscommon group of parishes. 

The students also had an opportunity to view the Crofton family mausoleum that has been restored in recent years by the Roscommon Historical Society. The plaque was unveiled by Baroness Jillian Crofton, Baron Crofton 8th and Marcus Crofton.

It was a very unique and interesting event and the students this week thanked Mr Gacquin and Ms Mulleady for giving them the opportunity to attend.