Thursday, 2 April 2015

Give your body the organic surge

Did you ever notice that hairdressers often have red and sore hands? Did this prompt you to do something and set up an award-winning organic skincare and body care company which now enjoys spiralling sales?

Thought not, but Scottish man Alaz McKenzie is now reaping the benefits of doing just that and his company Organic Surge is now experiencing a surge in sales, thanks to numerous recommendations, including the BBC lifestyle programme ‘How to Look Good Naked’.

Alan was in Dublin recently and he took time out to explain to Roscommon People just how he came to harness the goodness of organic products which help people steer clear of chemical overload.

Alan began his working life as an interior designer, and also ran a number of hair dressing salons alongside his wife. “That’s when I noticed that the chemicals in products were not good. All the hairdressers had sore hands. I got the idea to develop products that were not chemically based. We started in 2003, the products were formulated in 2005 and in 2007 we launched in store,and we are now in 4,000 stores.

“We got a great reaction. Sales are enormous and the brand grows every month,” reported Alan, who owns the company with co-investor Ann Gloag. What does he put the success down to? “It works and people are concerned about chemical overload,” replied Alan.

Asked if he could recommend two of the Organic Surge products, it was a bit like asking a mother to choose two of her children, but he eventually plumped for the Orange and Bergamot Shower Gel and the Organic Body Moisturiser. The Organic Surge Body Moisturiser has the distinction of being selected the top body moisturiser on ‘How to Look Good Naked’ and was also selected at number 5 in the 100 top products in the same BBC programme.

Looking to the future, you can expect Organic Surge to venture into the area of skincare, which will be launched in Ireland in coming months. Hair care products are also on the way, see, he hasn’t forgotten those hairdressers with the sore hands!