Friday, 27 March 2015

Movie-making madness

When I was in Poland I occasionally co-operated with our Polish TV. We made a documentary movie about people who experienced problems at work. For two weeks, from morning to evening, we travelled to different towns and made our movie. I had really good fun and I was really surprised that I got paid for this good fun. After five years, I have in my head my own movie.

I am lucky because I live in a time when with average equipment, a few ideas and hard work, using my home computer, I can create a movie. Still, we hear fantastic stories about amateur film makers who, for small money, make movies and put to shame huge Hollywood productions. Itís a fact that the most important thing is the idea and not just an idea for the topic, but also an idea for its cheap realisation. Itís also like that with my movie, which I decided to make in Roscommon.

For two years I have been observing the town and it has surprised me in many ways. First of all, it surprised me how many different nationalities and cultures live side by side. From one side, Roscommon is a one hundred percent Irish town with tractors, a mart, wellingtons and Guinness. Alternatively, you can meet people from the other side of the world. Before, I thought that Dublin was an amazing great place where a cultural mix can live side by side. But the city has lost its true roots along the way and the modern community wants to be super European. Roscommon and its inhabitants is a really interesting idea for the movie.

My main characters are three normal people living in a normal Irish town. One Polish, one Irish, one Brazilian, three different roots, three different way of thinking, living in one town, shopping in one place, drinking in one pub. How did it happen that they found a common language no longer think about English language. I know how this usually starts. We are fascinated with different cultures, really curious, very fast at making friends but how does this look on a normal day when surrounded by the simple everyday problems, when difference, which before was fascinating, now starts to reveal little problems. My story starts at this point.

Now, with me as Director and operative and my boyfriend as photographer and co-Director, we are fighting with misfortune, trying to make our dream become a reality. We format our old computer three times per day, many hours standing outside just taking pictures of the sunset and sometimes we are really desperate and start thinking about hiring a shaman who can bring on the rain on demand. Hey, I thought that it was going to be good fun!

I think that some day it will be fun. We really want to make this movie and we can do it. We have an expression when something looks impossible to do, that you are taking on the sun with a hammer and sometimes I think that itís like that with our project. But the world is moving because of dreamers and mad people and always in the hard times, I remember the first showing of the Lumiere brothersí movie. One hundred years ago in a small Parisienne pub, they showed the movie ĎTrain to the Stationí. Half of those present were really scared and they just left because they thought that the train was going to kill them!