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100 Years Ago

Terrible Fall Down a Well

John Dolan, a native of Drum, Athlone, is at present in a dying condition in the District Hospital, the victim of a terrible accident. He is a pump-sinker by trade and was working at Lecarrow when the occurrence took place. He fell into a well, in which he was fixing a pump, to a depth of between 60 and 70 feet. His groans attracted notice and some men, with the aid of ropes which were fortunately about the place, finally succeeded in bringing him to the surface. Little hopes of the man’s recovery are entertained.

Roscommon’s Law Student Success

We observe by the Dublin daily paper last week that our esteemed townsman, Frank Maguire, has taken a high place at Incorporated Law Society’s Apprentices held at the Four Courts on May 13th and 14th. Mr Maguire taking fourth place, is to be congratulated on his success and we join with his many friends in wishing him every success in the profession he has adopted. We understand Mr Maguire was coached for his examinations by Mr Larkin (Principal) Boys School, Roscommon.

The Titanic

Mr JP Farrell, MP, has been in contact with the Lord Mayor of `London over the subject of affording immediate relief to some of the Irish sufferers by the Titanic disaster. He has an interview with the officials at the Mansion House who are in charge of the fund, as a result of which Mr Farrell arranged to attend the next meeting of the Relief Committee to put forward the cases of which he had already brought before the notice of the Committee. Mr Farrell was full of praise for the courtesy extended to him at the Mansion House.

Most Rev Dr Clancy’s Illness

At a meeting of the Roscommon County Council on Tuesday.

  Mr John Millar said before the business commenced he thought it his duty to propose a resolution in reference to the illness of Rev Clancy, their great Bishop of Elphin. Though his Lordship was not in his own diocese he knew that he was of the old stock.

  The Chairman, (Mr Galvin), in seconding the resolution, was sure there was not a member of the Council or any man in the County of Roscommon, no matter what his political or religious belief, who did not share the feelings of regret at the lamented illness of Rev Clancy. His Lordship had long been known to all members of the Council through being a member of the TI Committee, and only those who knew him could conceive the kindly relations that existed between him and the members of the Committee. The Chairman hoped, and knew, he was expressing the hope of everyone of the members of the County Council, that his Lordship’s illness would not be of long duration and that he would be long spared to his duty.

  The Secretary, Mr Heverin, said he was glad to associate himself with the remarks of Mr Millar and the Chairman, and the motion was passed unanimously.

Issue dated: 22 June 2012
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