Monday, 2 March 2015

From Dublin to Mongolia for charity

A man with strong Roscommon connections is undertaking a marathon trip from Dublin to Mongolia in an ambulance that will be given to a charity at their final destination. Robin McManus is a student at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin and his father Owen McManus is from Castle Street Roscommon but now lives in the UK.

 Robin, along with his friends Tristan Hill from Mayo and Grant Dawson from Canada will start their marathon journey on July the 6th and it is expected that they will take 40 days to complete the trip.

  “ We are leaving Dublin on the 6th July, the day after the three of us complete our exams and we have the ambulance, or patient care vehicle, as it called, ready to go, and as you can see in the photo we have a number of sponsors too”

  “We intend to drive across the UK and then across Europe into Eastern Europe. We had to plan our journey carefully as there are some countries at war and we want to avoid those. We will have to get a ferry across the Black Sea and we will also have to travel through Siberia and into Mongolia. We think it will take us about 40 days and that will include a couple of days off here and there on the way”

 “We will deliver the ambulance to the charity in Mongolia which is called Go Help. The people there have an ambulance service and there are many other people from all over the world who do the same thing as we are doing. It will be a long and tough journey but we are looking forward to it”

“People can follow us on Facebook as we will be updating it every day once we get going and we will have videos and photos on the page.

 “The Facebook page is called Omega Three,” he concluded.

Issue dated: 22 June 2012
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