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Seamus Duke News Column

“The Real McCoy” - phenomenal success

Last Friday night I was in the Arts Centre in Roscommon to see a play called  “The Real Mc Coy” which was written and produced by Tommy Marren of Mid West Radio fame.

  I had heard much about this play since it started it’s run earlier this year. It has been a phenomenal success.

  Last weekend the show sold out the Arts Centre for three nights, and on the night I was there it was the 33rd performance of the play and it was the 33rd full house.

  The play was a great laugh and well worth going to see.

  Set in rural Ireland in the 1960’s the humour was simple and the dialogue was clever and well written.

  There were some excellent performances and it was an old-fashioned slapstick comedy, which was well worth the admission fee. Over 14,000 people have seen this play so far and most punters have left well satisfied. It proves that in these hard times for many people there is still plenty of room for a good laugh.

  I presume that there will be more performances of the play later in the year in the region so get to it if you can. Well done to all concerned.

Golf Classic

A major golf classic will be held to raise funds for cancer research at Rosses Point Golf Club on Friday June the 29th in memory of well-known Fuerty native Tom Cuddy who passed away last year. Time sheets have been available for a few weeks and at the time or writing it is almost full. More from Padraig Cuddy on 087-8380618.

  Teams of four are 200 Euro each and organiser Padraig Cuddy says that they have received excellent sponsorship for the event. “ We have received a fantastic response to the event so far and if there are teams who want to get involved then they will have to get on the time sheet very soon as it is almost full”

  The bank account set up to receive donations is at the AIB, The Diamond, Monaghan, Sorting Code 93-24-77, Account number 23620089.

Note: Last Week I indicated that the Golf Classic was in Strokestown but it will be held in Rosses Point…. apologies to all concerned. SD

Still living the high life

It is really sickening for the plain people of Ireland to realise that those who most profited from the Celtic Tiger and who were largely responsible for the dire situation that we are in at the present time are still living the high life and laughing at the rest of us.

  On Monday morning’s Irish Independent a smiling Sean Fitzpatrick greeted the nation as he enjoyed the Euro 2012 championship in Poland while staying in a 550 Euro a night hotel. He should be before the courts charged with the mayhem he and his friends have caused in this country. 

  We have Bertie Ahearn and other disgraced politicians getting hundreds of thousands of Euro in pensions and while swanning around picking up 40,000 Euro for speaking engagements.

  There are developers being paid 200,000 Euro per year by NAMA to keep their operations going. Not one prominent politician, banker, or developer has been brought before the courts or made answer for dragging our economy into the gutter.

  I am amazed that the people of this country have not been on the streets as this madness goes on and on. Last week I highlighted here the massive pay that spin-doctors are getting to advise government ministers in every department. The case of Mick Wallace over the post week is a symbol of where we are in this country.

  I hate a lot of the bleeding heart responses to Mick Wallace’s situation and I have no doubt that he is a nice man and genuine too however he is in an untenable situation with regard to his seat.

  He was one of those people who borrowed money he could never pay back and he got into trouble as a result.

  He may have to resign his seat as a result of his admission but I wonder whether the people who lent money recklessly to Mick Wallace will have to pay any price. What do you think?

A concert to remember

Last Thursday night I was in the O2 in Dubin to see Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. It was the first time that Tom had played in Ireland since 1992 and it was a concert to remember.

  In fact it was one of the best gigs that I have been at. His band was top class and has endured with the great man for almost 30 years. The standard of the musicianship was top class as he ran through his many great hits and he even threw in few songs from his days with The Travelling Wilburys.

 There were over 12,000 people there to see him in action and it was a night I will remember for many a long day. Another one off the bucket list!

80,000 people will gather in Croke Park for Eucharistic Congress

This Sunday it is expected that 80,000 people will gather in Croke Park to celebrate the Eucharistic Congress.

  I have to say that I wasn’t aware of the congress until this week but I have looked at the history of the event and in 1932 it was reported that over 1 million people took part in those celebrations.

  We are living in a much-changed country 90 years later and we have a much-changed church too. People’s faith is still very important to them but our view of the church has changed radically. Locally there are tremendous priests and religious people who do great work in the community and it is right that this work is celebrated.

  However the people who run the Catholic Church at the top have not distinguished themselves on many issues over the years and nothing has changed in that regard.

  Women are still second-class citizens in the church and there are serious problems facing the organisation with regard to falling mass and sacrament attendance, falling vocations, and the liturgy too.  

  However there are many people who will get great satisfaction and inspiration out of this ceremony and Congress in general, and the faith is still very important to many people in Ireland.

  It is one of the biggest events of the year and despite all the scandals of recent years the church deserves its big day out as much as any other organisation.

Violent Attacks

The brutal and violent attacks on the Kelly brothers in Williamstown last weekend was shocking and a horrific ordeal for the two elderly men. The telephone wire to their house was cut and then they were beaten and threatened by two intruders.

  It is hard to understand the mentality of people who would carry out such a crime. What state of mind would someone need to be in to threaten and beat up two old people for the sake of a few Euros?

   These are sick individuals. Usually when there is a terrible attack like this there tends to be over reaction from a lot of people. The facts are that we live in a relatively quiet society where crime is not rampant and that’s a fact.

 But attacks on elderly people in rural areas have been common in recent years and the watchword for people in local communities is vigilance. I was talking to a prominent member of the local Gardai in recent weeks who told me that people should call the Gardai regardless of what they see going on or how trivial they think it is. He told me that if people see any suspicious activity they don’t usually call the Gardai for fear that they might be annoying them. 

  He told me that if people see a strange van or car or people hanging around that they do not know, they should always call the Gardai. He told me that members of the public think that they might be wasting Garda time but this guarda told me that the Gardai are delighted to get these calls. It may be that there is an explanation for the activities that people see, but it may also be that these people are up to no good and a call in time might save someone being burgled or beaten up. Communities must organise themselves and Community Alert organisations are very successful in many areas with new texts alert systems working well too.

  We have to protect our elderly people who want to live out the rest of their lives in peace. Lets hope that the people who carried out this terrible crime in Williamstown are caught and receive the full rigours of the law.

Issue dated: 15 June 2012
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