Sunday, 29 March 2015

It’s silage time in Co. Roscommon

The spell of good weather has pushed silage making to the top of farmers’ priority list in Co. Roscommon. A case in point is Seamus Murray, who milks 80 cows near Knockcroghery. All spring calving, his Friesians are currently averaging 5,000 litres at 3.9% butterfat and 3.4% protein. The milk is sent to the Connacht Gold creamery at Ballaghaderreen.

“The first of the calved cows are put out to grass in mid February,” Seamus explains.

“However, I am still producing milk through until January of the following year. So yes grazed grass is very important, but so is making good silage.”

Seamus has thirty five acres earmarked for this year’s first cut. The land received slurry last autumn; it was grazed once in the early spring and then closed off around the middle of March.

Seamus adds, “I take two cuts of silage each year, one at the end of May and the other towards the middle of July,”

Significantly, Seamus has used the grass additive Sil-All 4x4® on all his silage crops over the last number of years with excellent results.

He goes on to say, “For me, the use of the additive is the all important difference when it comes to making the best quality silage.”

Sil-All regional sales manager Colm Duffy is working closely with Connacht Gold’s Tony Whyte and the rest of the team in Athleague to promote high quality silage production. 

Colm stresses, “Producing the highest possible quantities of milk, beef and lamb from forage must become the priority for livestock farmers throughout Ireland. 

“It’s in this context that farmers and contractors must review the fundamental principles of good silage making. This not only includes cutting grass at the right stage but also ensiling the resulting forage properly.”

Colm continues, “Cutting the amount of waste forage produced on farm is a key priority. It represents a direct loss to the business and can be minimised through the use of an appropriate additive whilst at the same time ensuring clamps or bales are sealed effectively.”

Connacht Gold’s Tony Whyte confirms Sil-All 4x4® remains popular with both beef and dairy farmers throughout Roscommon.

“We have been selling the inoculant for the past six years. Repeat business levels are high, which reflects farmers’ confidence in the product. To use the old expression, it does exactly what it says on the tin.”

Colm Duffy further explains, “Good management practice combined with the use of Sil-All 4x4® can significantly reduce the loss of valuable dry matter and crude protein from your silage. The inoculant combines a high level of beneficial bacteria with sugar releasing enzymes. When these are applied to the crop, they promote a rapid fermentation by converting grass sugars efficiently into lactic acid. This creates a stable, acidic (low pH) environment in the clamp or bale, keeping the production of wasteful by-products that contribute to dry matter and crude protein losses to an absolute minimum. Whether as water soluble or granular form, Sil-All 4x4® is formulated to maximise the storage and feeding characteristics of your silage.”

He concludes, “Maximising output from forage is crucial for the farm business and Sil-All 4x4® is helping to deliver this now for farmers throughout Ireland.”

For further information, contact Tony Whyte on 0906663322.

Issue dated: 08 June 2012
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