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Letters to the Editor

Let’s keep Roscommon clean!

Ard Aoibhinn,

Athlone Road,


Dear Sir, 

The front page of a recent edition of the Roscommon People carried an article about the new campaign aimed at promoting Roscommon as a major tourism destination. 

   The campaign is being organised by the Roscommon Community Tourism Network and aims to promote County Roscommon as the perfect place for tourists and holiday-makers in which to ‘revive, refresh, and rewind’. 

  I agree with this and congratulate the Tourism Network on the campaign. I’m sure I speak for the hundreds of volunteers in Tidy Towns groups in villages and towns around the county of Roscommon who welcome this campaign. 

  These groups are working very hard to prepare their area for important visitors which are currently visiting or due to visit – the Tidy Towns Judges of the National Competition. This commenced on Friday 1st June and will continue until 31st August. 

This competition plays an important role in attracting tourists to the county and this in turn provides an economic benefit to the area.

  Tourists will spend money on shopping and dining out. When an area is well presented people will recommend it to other people; this is the spin-off when an area with good tourism attractions and good community spirit, it attracts people throughout the year. Roscommon County has won many awards in the National Competition since it first began over fifty years ago.

  During these months the judges will visit and mark an area on various categories from litter control to landscaping to the built environment and it is for this reason I would like to take the opportunity to ask people to take responsibility for keeping their own area tidy.

  A clean, tidy well kept area will make a lasting impression on the judges and visitors who I sure will find the county a great place to revive, refresh, and rewind in.

  ‘Think Tidy’ – Let’s Keep Roscommon Clean.

Yours sincerely,

Kathleen Shanagher,


Roscommon Tidy Towns Association

Thanks the people of Roscommon

Dear Sir, 

I feel I must write and say how much I enjoyed my recent visit to Roscommon. My daughter, grandson and I spent a very enjoyable week there recently and must say that everywhere we went we were made feel very welcome.

  Margaret Nevin drove us around all the new places that did not exist when I lived there many years ago. 

  We stayed at the Coachman’s Inn in Castle Street and you could not find a more friendly and helpful group of people. Una Doyle at the Coachman’s Inn must be the best B&B owner in the world. We enjoyed a great week there and then when we were leaving she came to pick us up at 6 am to get us to the station for the 6.30 train. What other B&B owner would do that for relative strangers who were just guests at the B&B?   

  Peggy Conway made us very welcome in her house (she now owns the house I was born in on the Racecourse Road). 

  My 20-year-old grandson, born and raised in London, could not believe how friendly everyone we met were. It would take a very long letter to thank everyone personally so I must make it a general thank you to all the people we met.

Thank you once again, 

Yours sincerely, 

Anne Curtis

A&E closure: Frank, you’re a nice guy – but!

Cloonbrackna Avenue, 


Dear Sir, 

In reply to Frank Feighan’s letter in the Roscommon People last week, I wish to state that the anger out there is not because the hospital does not have plastic surgery or any of the meritorious services mentioned. It is because it does NOT have an Accident or Emergency service. Is that not quite clear?  

  People with heart attacks, strokes or those in serious condition after an accident, cannot receive emergency treatment in any such units. Constantly mentioning (and promising) such services is simply a ‘smokescreen’ and a diversionary tactic – away from the real point of discussion, the A&E Unit. As for the fact that the helicopter that will not fly at night – enough said.

  I notice in the letter the over-usage of the word ‘safety’ –  another tactic to frighten people. I know Frank, this is not your invention, but please stop using it. It doesn’t wash anymore. The concerns of the two medical people mentioned in The Square, Roscommon recently, was really about the need for Government funding to be made available to operate the services in the hospital at the time their statement was issued, not about safety per se. HIQA never said our hospital was anything but safe. Did its members ever visit our hospital?  

  The decision to close the A&E was not made on medical grounds, but on political grounds, by the present government and you are being used as the ‘conveyer of good tidings’ and unfortunately for you, you do not realise it.

  You will not gain any ‘brownie points’ at the next election for the stand you are taking against those who elected you. It’s a pity really, because basically, you are a nice guy.

Is mise,

Bill Cunningham

Reader ‘disgusted’

Dear Sir, 

I wish to express my disgust at the attempt by Mr. Frank Feighan (Letters, Roscommon People 1/6/12) to justify the Roscommon Hospital situation. 

  A vast amount of money is being wasted on developing services when it could be spent on the A&E Department and on employing consultants to cover it.  

  Tough decision? Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich made a tough decision when they decided to have the Holocost. 

Yours sincerely, 

June Delaney

Issue dated: 08 June 2012
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