Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Roscommon says YES!

The Roscommon/South Leitrim constituency passed the Fiscal Treaty Referendum last week by a margin of almost 60/40. Turnout was 52%.

 While the treaty was passed comfortably in most boxes in the county, there were a number of notable areas where the No vote won out.

  In the Monksland Civic Centre box the result was 214 No and 136 Yes. Castleplunkett NS box showed 46 No and 45 Yes. One Castlerea Town box  (No. 4) showed 118 No votes and 92 Yes. 

  Clooneyquinn National school saw 109 No and 57 Yes while two boxes in Ballyleague National School showed the No vote in the majority.

  Box No. 1 was 40 to 35 in favour of No while box No. 2 was 106 No and 86 Yes.

  In Roscommon/South Leitrim the electorate was 59,020.

  There was a turnout of 30,689 which is 52%. 18,562 people voted Yes, or 60.8%, while 11,991 people voted No, or 39.2%. There were 136 spoiled votes.

Issue dated: 08 June 2012
Roscommon People