Sunday, 29 March 2015

Roscommon Livestock Co-op Weekly Mart Report

There were a good number of Heifer and Bull Weanlings on offer at the weekly Tuesday Sales. The sale also included suck calves and Suckler Cows. The trade for all stock remains strong with plenty of customers. suck calves sample prices: Friesian Bulls 195, Simmental Heifers, 380 to 400,

AA Heifers 370. Suckler Cows sample Prices: 4th Calf B.B. Cow in calf to P.B. Char Bull due end of April  1730, Red Simm Cow with Char Heifer calf at foot 1650, Black Lim Cow with Red Lim Heifer calf at foot 1600, Sim. X Cow with Char Heifer calf at foot, 1500

Black Hereford Cow with Char Heifer calf at foot 1300. Bull weanlings made from 520 to 930 over.

Sample Prices: Simm 375 kgs 1100, Lim 335 kgs 995, AA 555 kgs 1420, Char 340 kgs 930, Char 410 kgs 1340. Heifer weanlings made from 560 to 890 over. Sample Prices: B.B 410 kgs 1300, Red Simm. 290 kgs 865, Char 370 kgs 990, Black Lim 350 kgs 890, B.B. 330 kgs 1100.

  The lively trade continued On Friday 30th March for Bullocks, Heifers and Dry Cows. There were a large number of excellent quality heifers on offer at the Special Cont.X. Heifer sale - bidding was strong resulting in premium prices. There was a good entry of quality bullocks on offer with a plentiful supply of customers and a good trade for all types  Dry Cow numbers were slightly up on the previous week with prices similar.

  Dry cows prices from 885 to 1645 per head. Sample Prices: BL Lim 820 kgs 1645, Red Simm 740 kgs 1470, Char 820 kgs 1485, Red Hereford 780 kgs 1350, Red Lim 575 kgs 1300, Shorthorn 610 kgs 1000, AA 565 kgs 1080. Heifer prices from 475 to 995 over. Sample Prices: Char 675 kgs 1650, Red Lim 650 kgs 1500, Char 650 kgs 1545, Red Lim 555 kgs 1380, Bl Lim 470 kgs 1170, Char 290 kgs 840, Hereford X 335 kgs 920, 3 Belgian Blue 403 kgs 1095. Bullock prices from 605 to 1145 over. Sample Prices 2 Char 540 kgs 1600, Simm 585 kgs 1560, B.B. 685 kgs 1560, A.A. 575 kgs 1480, Char 480 kgs 1480, 3 Char 380 kgs 1300.

  The dairy sale held on Saturday last was very successful with a full clearance of all lots. The sale included Friesian Heifers some that had calved and others in calf to a P.B. A.A. Bull. There was also a number of 2nd, 3rd and 4th Calf Cows on offer at the sale. Sample prices:1st Calved Heifers made from 1600 to 2100 per head; 1st Calf Heifers in calf to an A.A. Bull due mid to end of April made from 1400 to 1680.; 1st Calf Heifer in calf to AI Friesian Bull due 14th May made 1240; 1st Calf Heifer in calf to AI Jersey Bull due 30th April made  1340; 3rd Calf Cow calved 14/03/12 made 2000; 5th Calf Cow calved 13/02/12 made 1730.

  For any further information contact Roscommon Co-operative Livestock Mart on 090-6626352, 090-6626149, 090-6626099, Fax on 090-6625689 or email

Issue dated: 06 April 2012
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