Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Bryan hails agri-food exports status

IFA President John Bryan said the strong performance of agri-food exports in recent CSO trade figures for 2011 is further evidence of the contribution the sector is making to the wider economy.

  “Compared to 2010, the agri-food sector has delivered an increase of over 10% in the value of exports, to €8.93bn. In particular, there has been a very impressive performance on the dairy side, with exports of dairy products rising by 24%. The agri-food figures are notable as overall exports were up 4% in 2011.”

  John Bryan said the Government must continue to support primary production, and ensure that confidence in the farming sector is maintained. “Farm schemes are very important in driving output at farm level, which in turn generates economic activity in every region and is vital to the rural economy and jobs.”

  The IFA President said, “The growth in agri-food exports in the last year has played a significant part in achieving the trade surplus of €44bn. For the sector to drive on and reach the targets set out in Food Harvest 2020, the correct conditions must be maintained.”


 Roscommon People

Issue dated: 23 March 2012