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21st Anniversary Celebrations at Anne Kelly’s Hair Salon

Anne Kelly is celebrating 21 years in business with Anne Kelly’s Hair Salon in Roscommon town. 

  Anne started her own hairdressing business 21 years ago this month, and in the intervening years Anne Kelly’s Hair Salon has, with the loyal support of her customers, gone from strength to strength. 

  Anne has catered for the ladies and gents of Roscommon town and surrounding areas with a professional, friendly and highly competent approach at all times. Her customers are her absolute priority and Anne prides herself on looking after their needs in a professional manner. 

  Expansion came about when seven years ago Anne, after completing further training, opened her Beauty Salon. 

  Anne’s reputation in the Hair & Beauty industry is known far and wide and such is her dedication she continues her training right up the present time, ensuring that she keeps up with the very latest trends. 

  Anne has trained as a trainer/tutor and previously worked as a part-time hairdressing instructor with FAS. Despite her busy schedule Anne manages to find the time to pass on her expertise to hairdressing students at the Roscommon Education & Development Centre and Roscommon Youthreach. It’s another dimension to Anne’s talent. 

  At Anne Kelly’s Hair Salon there’s more to the service than just ‘doing’ a client’s hair. So much more is also taken into account ... 

For example:

• a person’s front and side profiles 

• facial features will be taken into account. 

•  hair quantity, quality and texture, 

• eye tones, 

• lifestyle 

•  the client’s own ability to look after the style chosen. 

  We always try to introduce new styles to compliment our clients by keeping them looking good and making them proud of their appearance. 

Hair, nails and skin

  Hair, nails and skin can reveal a lot about people’s health. When dealing with regular visitors to the salon a hairdresser/therapist, although not medically trained, can pick up on changes at an early stage and encourage the client to seek professional medical advice. 

  At Anne Kelly’s Hair & Beauty Salon we build such a strong relationship with clients that they really do come to visit our salon for the all-round experience. We appreciate that our clients are all individuals with their own personal likes and dislikes and we aim to cater for those needs. 

 As a stylist,  Anne hears it all and her clients are more than willing to advise her and the girls on men, weddings, houses, cooking, folic acid, child-rearing and much more! Anne and the girls have received lots of great advice from clients down through the years and wish to thank them all.

    For the ultimate experience in hair care and beauty treatment, call to Anne Kelly’s Hair & Beauty Salon!



Lisa Kelly, Anne’s niece, is daughter of Mark & Pamela Kelly of Araghty, Athleague, Roscommon. Lisa has had a keen interest in hairdressing from the age of 13 when she began calling into the salon for advice and work experience on Saturdays with ‘Auntie Anne.’ 

  Lisa now has six years’ credited hairdressing experience with Anne. During those years she took time out for travelling in Egypt, Canada and America.     

  Lisa furthered her training in the Connaught School of Hairdressing and also qualified in ear/nose piercing. 

  Lisa has an extremely caring nature when it comes to dealing with both our mature and very young clients. She is very competent her work and builds great relationships with the salon’s clients. 


Fiona Murren, daughter of Kieran and Mary Mullen, Knockroe, Castlerea, has been the beautician at Anne Kelly’s for the past three and a half years. She is ITEC Qualified and specialises in Bridal and Grad make-up using Art Deco. She is also qualified in Electrology laser, body and facial massage and treatments, threading, waxing, tinting, piercing, vajazzel, tanning, gel, nails and polish. 

  When it comes to manicuring and pedicuring Fiona is talented and no matter how damaged or tired your nails and feet are or how worried you are about those cracked heels or discoloured toe-nails, Fiona achieves amazing results while providing a comfortable service for the client. 

  Fiona is an all-rounder when it comes to the salon. She completed three years hairdressing training with Anne and is very capable of transforming the client’s appearance from head to toe!

  Each client is guaranteed a private, personal and confidential service to an excellent standard and provided in a very pleasant manner which is all part of the service at Anne Kelly’s Hair & Beauty Salon. 


Anne Kelly’s qualifications

* Has received distinction in Train the Trainer and in Senior Trade

* Certified in Assist Counselling at Athlone IT 

* Qualified Achievements with 

* Master Craftsman awarded by Hairdressing Council

* World Federation Quality Training and Customer Care programme fashion styling in Hair Design 

* Distinctions in Advanced Hairdressing (in Enniskillen) 

* Three Distinctions in each of three different elements and Best Trainee Award with City of London Institute

* Certification in Wella, Colet, Phil Yourell, David Martins & Maeve O’Healy Hearts (MOHH) 

In competitions, Anne achieved third place in All-Ireland Hair & Beauty Senior Creative Styling, second place in Hair & Beauty Fantasy Connaught and 2nd place in Senior Fantasy in Enniskillen Hairdressing Championships 


 Roscommon People

Issue dated: 23 March 2012