Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Young swimmers make waves!

Young swimmers make waves! 

Sunday 26th February saw Comans Swimming Club attend a B Graded Gala in Carrick-on-Shannon where some of our younger swimmers were once again aiming to improve on their previous B and C grade times competing in all of the different stroke events against several other athletes in the region, ultimately hoping to achieve A time Certificates.

  10-year-old Ben Moran competed exceptionally well, achieving three A Grade times for the 100m Freestyle, 100m Backstroke and 50m Butterfly events. 13-year-old Ben Cummins also achieved two A Certificates for the 100m Backstroke and 100m Butterfly events.

  The following eight swimmers achieved numerous B Certificates and medals positions for their events as listed 11-year-old Keela Farnon in 50m Butterfly Gold and 100m Freestyle Silver; 11-year-old Shannon Caulfield in 100m Backstroke Silver, 50m Butterfly Bronze and 100m Freestyle; 11-year-old Jessica Lalwani in 100m Freestyle, 50m Butterfly and 100m Backstroke; 12-year-old Meabh Tiernan (absent from photograph) in 100m Butterfly Bronze and 100m Backstroke Bronze; 9-year-old Amy Kilcommons in 50m Butterfly; 15-year-old Emma Ryan (absent from photograph) in 100m Backstroke Gold;  13-year-old Emma Lalwani (absent from photograph) in 100m Backstroke Silver and 100m Freestyle Bronze and 14-year-old Rebecca Mooney (absent from photograph) in 100m Backstroke Silver.

  Well done to all of our competitors on the day, also including: 7-year-old Jessica Gannon, 8-year-old Ciara Kilcommons, 9-year-olds Nessa Madden, Cian Campbell, Orla Ryan Hannah Farnon and Daniel Brennan, 10-year-olds Andrew Carroll Michael Staunton, Jade Gallagher and Alexia Grecu and 11-year-old Clodagh Hanly, who continue to train very hard every week to improve their swimming skills and official times at every Gala they attend.

  Comans Club and committee would like to thank all who generously donated to our Churchgate Collection Fundraiser last weekend. Our appreciation goes especially to several non-members who offered their time and support to assist us with the collection in numerous parishes across the county, without whom the organisation and success of this event would have been impossible.

  Comans Swimming Club prides itself in providing a fun and friendly atmosphere for swimmers to meet new friends and share an interest in the continued development of their skills within groups of the same ability. If you are interested in a free tryout session with one of our coaches for the beginners club or for another level of our club programme please contact our Club Secretary on 087-2279000 or send an email to