Thursday, 26 March 2015

What’s your number?

Too much cholesterol in your blood can lead to plaque formation within your blood vessels. This build-up of plaque can interfere with how efficiently blood circulates around your body. If blood flow is reduced then there is an increased risk of a heart attack or stroke and if blood cannot pass through these plaques then a stroke or a heart attack may occur.

  There are also different forms of cholesterol. Triglycerides and LDL cholesterol can clog your arteries and promote atherosclerosis which is hardening of the arteries. HDL cholesterol helps remove cholesterol from your circulation and returns it back to your liver. So not only do you need to look at your total cholesterol you also need to look at the individual forms and understand what they mean.

  Where can I get my cholesterol checked? Molloy’s lifestyle pharmacies are currently offering a cholesterol testing package which includes a private 40-minute dietician consultation and cholesterol test for the special price of €20 for the month of March.

  The combination of the test and consultation ensures that you can get specific and individual advice which means you can start to make the changes to improve your cholesterol levels straight away.

  After the simple, instant test a trained pharmacist or dietician will explain your results and how they relate to the national recommendations. This will be followed by a detailed nutritional assessment with our in-store dietician.

  If my cholesterol is high, how can I change it to help reduce my risk of heart disease? The first line treatment for anyone with high cholesterol is lifestyle change. The core of this is to modify your diet. Changing the type of foods you eat can significantly improve your cholesterol profile which may also benefit other health factors. It is important to understand the key principles so that the changes you make are effect. This is why seeing a trained dietician who can tailor your diet to suit your needs and also explain how different foods can impact on cholesterol levels is essential.

   The aim at Molloy’s Lifestyle Pharmacies and Health stores is to play an important role in improving community health with their dietician C=clinic, which is now welcoming Sharon O’Brien to our team.

  Sharon is a registered dietician, who will be offering dietetic consultations across the Molloy’s Lifestyle Pharmacy group. Sharon has experience in the areas of weight loss management, diabetes, IBS, coeliac disease, sports nutritional support, kidney and liver disease, pre and post Chemo Diets, low energy, allergies, sleep problems and dietary treatments for high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Sharon is available for private consultations or group talks. She will provide the education and motivation required to get you on the path to your optimal state of health.

   The Cholesterol Testing Package is available for the month of March at all Molloy’s Lifestyle Pharmacies and health stores. To make an appointment today contact Molloy’s Pharmacy, Harrison Centre, Roscommon on 090-6637604 or New Street, Ballaghaderreen on 094-9877520, and at only €20 you can chase the cholesterol away today!