Thursday, 2 April 2015

HAC on Trust: “It’s nothing new”

The Roscommon Hospital Alliance welcomed news of the establishment of the Trust but the Hospital Action Committee (HAC) has described it as “vague in concept” and said it may not be fully in place for “four or five years.” 

 Speaking on Shannonside Radio, HAC Chairperson John McDermott said that the announcement about the Trust was “not new” as it had been Fine Gael policy as published before the 2011 General Election. 

  “However it was meant to be a Trust for Roscommon (Hospital), not one for all the local hospitals. I can’t see it working and there is no timetable (for it happening)…it’s a long way down the road. It is vague in concept and there are more important things happening at the hospital worthy of our attention.” 

  Mr. Padraic Deane, PRO of the Roscommon Hospital Alliance, dismissed the HAC’s response to the news. 

  “We welcome the establishment of the Trust. The Roscommon Hospital Alliance is a strictly non-political organisation. We are not running for any election; we do not need to be in the papers every week. We only need to be in the papers when we have something to say. We can do business with Mr. Maher, we have to do business with him – and we will” Mr. Deane said.