Friday, 27 February 2015

Wonderful Wispy’s…many delights and great value!

Entering Castlerea from the Roscommon side, the long and winding and character-filled Patrick Street offers many delights. 

  The street boasts some quaint and traditional shops and pubs; there’s the marvellous Church and several more imposing and landmark buildings, all an appetising introduction to the main body of the town. 

  Nearing the main street, you will find one of Castlerea’s great gems, a shop filled with delights and the kind of mystery and magic you might associate with Christmas. 

  Even the name is magical….and ’Wispy’s’ has become a magical part of the commercial and community life of Castlerea. 

  When you stroll through this delightful shop, you are greeted by a rich variety of products, available at fabulous prices. 

  At the moment, there’s terrific value to be got in the whole ‘back to school’ area, with just about everything you could possibly want in stock – and all at reduced prices! 

  Wispy’s is after all a discount store and that’s what you’re guaranteed – discounted prices which are more relevant than ever now in these economically challenging times. 

  Wispy’s has a great range of products which all mums and dads should check out now as they continue their ‘back to school’ preparations but there’s no end to the variety of items you will find in Wispy’s on any given day. 

  You’ll find diswasher tablets there, garden furniture, pedigree dog food, a super range of toys, household goods and much, much more!

 The friendly staff will assist you with any queries and as stated above, you will find wonderful value for money. So before you make any purchases, make sure you’ve checked out Wispy’s first!

    Take that stroll down Patrick Street and visit this gem of a shop – you’ll be entranced! 

  I also hear that they have shops in the following areas also ... Wispy’s Discount Stores in Bridge Street and Boyle Road, Carrick-on-Shannon, in Mary’s of Sligo (Castle Street) and also Joyce’s Superstores in Tone Street, Ballina.