Saturday, 28 March 2015

Crosby calls for Tidy Towns push

Preparations for the Tidy Towns competition is now in full swing with the National Adjudication commencing in three weeks time. Cllr. Tom Crosby who is the secretary of Tarmonbarry Tidy Towns Committee is appealing to all to get involved in this year’s competition by putting out floral window boxes, hanging baskets, painting exteriors, including boundary walls, etc. on their homes and business, being vigilant on litter control and having their gardens and exteriors looking their very best.   

  Cllr. Crosby states that the competition has a major impact on attracting business and visitors to the area which in turn creates local employment in the shops, pubs, restaurants and all businesses. Tarmonbarry Tidy Towns Association increased their points in last year’s competition by 18 points which was very significant at their level in the competition. 

  Cllr. Crosby says that it is essential to continue to develop the natural amenities and improve the environment and for this year’s competition Tarmonbarry engaged the National Parks and Wildlife expertise who together with the local community, schools and creches in the area have identified the natural wildlife, biodiversity, flower and fauna in the area and along the Shannon. As a result of the findings, Bat and Bird Boxes, etc. were placed in appropriate locations throughout. 

  The committee are also at an advanced stage of having information signage prepared to be placed throughout the village and walkways displaying the wildlife, fish life, flower and fauna, etc. resulting from the survey. Cllr. Crosby would like to thank the small group of dedicated FAS and Rural Workers for their attention to detail and their commitment to their local community.