Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Be green

By being green, I donít mean an alien from a far away galaxy or even a dweller on a green island. To be green means to be ecologically aware.

Personally, I am the opposite to green because I smoke a lot and poison myself and all my friends. However, in the last few days I have started to listen to this ecological conscience. Statistically, us earthly dwellers are always making a mess, sometimes a smelly mess and of course we collect a lot of unnecessary stuff to make life easier and better. Usually, the most important thing is what is happening now and maybe we give a little consideration to our childrenís future and our grandchildrenís future.

Unfortunately, a small percentage of people, who also live on this earth, but are ecologically conscious, are looking forward. We call them ecologists and green people. They try in their everyday life to reduce the resources they use, to reduce the degradation of the planet, be it fridges or freezers because of the gases released and also simple deodorants and plastic bags. These are the most popular killers of our still-lovely planet. I donít have to give you the numbers to make you aware of the problem. Just look around for yourself and count how many deodorants you use in a year and multiply that by the number of non-smelly people and then multiply that by the number of your friends from facebook and you should come up with a few million and just think that each of these sprays send chemicals and gases into the atmosphere, very tiny particles of freon, which we canít see, but which are very dangerous for the atmosphere.

All of us know that the little plastic bag you get at the supermarket needs a few thousand years to biodegrade into something safe. I donít want to be a demagogue because I use the same things every day, things that damage our little home, the earth, but I still hope that, maybe for a while, you and I can have a little green in our lives.

The devil is in the detail. The detail is that everyone claims that they cannot save the planet with individual action, that huge companies are the problem and then opt not to change using deodorant because someone else is using ten times more. Sometimes I think the same but itís time to be smarter. Who, if not us, can try to do a little for this planet? Next time, instead of buying deodorant I will buy a cute bottle of perfume and maybe this wonít change the ecological history of this planet, but maybe it will change something inside me. I will start becoming greener, not because Iím old but just because I am becoming more environmentally aware.