Wednesday, 1 April 2015

How Boyle Electoral Area voted

Boyle is Frank Feighan heart-land and the Fine Gael man delivered with his usual consistency, polling 2,781 number ones, with Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan next on 1,043. 

  Feighan totally dominated the Boyle Town boxes (1,144 number ones). Sean Kearns is based in this area too but the Independent candidate had a sobering experience in the election, taking a mere 27 in Boyle Area and just 91 across the entire constituency. 

  Sinn Fein are likely to be disappointed with 411 number ones for Martin Kenny in Boyle Electoral Area and John Kelly (Labour) needed to do better than 383. Surprisingly enough Ivan Connaughton of Fianna Fail effectively matched his Leitrim-based running mate (Connaughton: 314, Gerry Kilrane 326) but the real fascination was in Cootehall where the two Fianna Fail candidates fared poorly, quite possibly because of resentment on the part of local party faithful who remain dismayed that Rachel Doherty wasn’t on the Fianna Fail ticket. Connaughton and Kilrane polled a mere 41 number ones between them in Cootehall whereas Frank Feighan secured 122 and ‘Ming’ an impressive 89. 

It seems clear that Fianna Fail in Cootehall were not in a forgiving mood. 

– Paul Healy